Chapter 644 – Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 7

    Chapter 644 -Soloing A Group Fight And Breaking Through To The Earth Realm Part 7

    Lord Qing Yi nodded after pondering for a moment as he agreed, "Alright. If you didn't lie to me, I will naturally help you to take over the other three families."

    Dongfang Liang was elated.

    'With this great God's help, the other three families are already in my pocket.'


    An arena was placed at the very center of the Dongfang City in a vast plaza during the first glimmers of light. All of the large powers had already been seated. They were currently discussing on which family would be in the lead after this event.

    Yet, it was obvious that the Dongfang family was neglected as the side that was designated to the Dongfang family was the quietest in the entire plaza.

    Mu Ru Yue, who was among the crowd, frowned when she swept a gaze at the green robed man standing behind Dongfang Liang. It was obscure to her whether she was wrong in believing that the man wasn't an ordinary guard.

    "Spiritual Realm." Ye Wu Chen raised his hand to hold Mu Ru Yue's hand. He then shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue before continuing, "That man is a Spiritual Realm expert. But you don't need to fret about him as I will always be by your side..."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled faintly before she quickly withdrew her gaze, no longer looking at the Dongfang family.

    'It seems that the Dongfang family isn't as simple as how it looks due to them possessing a Spiritual Realm expert...'

    "We will still be using the old rules." Dongfang Liang surveyed the crowd before parting his lips and announced, "Every large families can dispatch some elite competitors to participate in this competition. But the number of competitors from each family is capped at ten!"

    He swept a gaze at Mu Ru Yue and smirked upon saying that.

    Nevertheless, the girl's calm and collected voice brushed the crowd's ears with the breeze as she said, "There's no need to choose. Everyone here should just participate."

    The crowd was stunned.

    What did she mean that everyone here should participate? Could it be that she wanted to fight all of them by herself?

    Mu Ru Yue continued to say as though to answer to the crowd's thoughts, "All of you should just enter the arena to let me have a look at your capabilities!"


    The crowd was stirred up.

    It wasn't just from the people from the three large families this time as the disciples of the Ouyang family also couldn't believe what she said.

    She was too egotistical. She wanted to face all of the disciples from the other three large families by herself? Wasn't she just a raving lunatic?

    Did she think that everyone will be like Dongfang Ying?

    That's right, Dongfang Ying was very talented. It was precisely due to that she was heavily doted upon by Dongfang Liang. Nonetheless, Dongfang Ying was too young no matter what. If she was three or five years older, Mu Ru Yue would definitely be not her match.

    However, there were so many talents present in this event. No matter if it was Moshang Fei, Dongfang Jun and even Nangong Chen from the Nangong family, they were all at the Mystic realm!

    Moreover, how could they not possess at least one protective treasure or secret technique as a disciple of the large families?

    She wanted to deal with all of them by herself? She was even worse than a fool as she was just clearly seeking death!

    They could totally defeat that girl before even using those treasures...

    "Lady Mu!" Ouyang Yun Jin's heart shuddered as Mu Ru Yue's action was too out of the blue that even he completely didn't expect that.

    Mu Ru Yue raised her brows as she provoked them differently, "Nobody dares to enter the arena? Why isn't there anyone brave enough to enter the arena to accept my challenge? No matter if you are elites or just ordinary disciples, you are free to group up and enter the arena as long as you are from the other three large families!"

    She kicked off the ground to leap onto the arena upon saying that...
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