Chapter 737 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 7

    Chapter 737 -Zi Feng's Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 7

    "Elder brother Wu Chen..."

    Suddenly, a voice filled with elation was heard.

    Zi Feng looked at his face, he was the person she had always longed for. Unknown to her, a misty layer of tears covered her eyes when she said, "Older brother Wu Chen, I can finally see you again..."

    The heavens knew how hard she had searched for him over the past three years, but she couldn't find him.

    Who knew they would reunite here?

    However, she felt it was unbearable that Mu Ru Yue could leave the Divine Medicine Magic Array and appear here with her older brother Wu Chen...

    "Feng Er!" Yan Yun frowned slightly and asked, slightly uneasy, "Who is he?"

    Zi Feng was startled for a moment before she revealed a bitter smile. Her eyes filled with sorrow and resentment, she explained, "He... used to be my fiance, but he was seduced by another girl and abandoned me.... But I still can't get over him. I've used so much time and manpower to look for him. Yet, I didn't expect them to just show up out of the blue!"

    A single tear rolled down her beautiful face.

    She spoke with such sincere feelings. Those who didn't know the truth would unfailingly believe her, not mentioning Yan Yun who was deeply in love with Zi Feng.


    An intense fury blazed in Yan Yun's heart, his gaze lost its warmth as he looked coldly at the couple before him.

    "Feng Er is so outstanding. Only a man whose eyes have been blinded by dust would abandon her for another girl!" Yan Yun then glanced at Mu Ru Yue. The coldness of his gaze intensified, "This girl doesn't even have the qualifications to be a servant that helps Feng Er wear her shoes. It's unfathomable that you chose her over Feng Er! If she seduced you, then she'll just seduce other men in the future. A girl like her, who steals someone else's fiance, doesn't deserve to continue living in this world!"

    Ye Wu Chen's purple eyes darkened. A sinister wind rose around him. The purple wind circled his body, enhancing the charm and grandeur of his purple robes.

    Yao Yun Qing frowned. She then shifted her gaze to look at Little Huang Er. She was stunned momentarily, astonishment in her eyes.

    There was an intense pressure coming from the toddler's small body. A ruthless, red glow started to grow in his purple eyes, and eventually filled them to the brim. It made his eyes emit a dreadful aura, as if he were a Devil God.

    Yao Yun Qing hastily rubbed her eyes. Yet, when she looked at Little Huang Er again, that bloodthirsty expression was no longer there. His tender, carved jade-like face was as innocent and pure as ever. His large, bright eyes looked puzzlingly at Zi Feng...

    'I must have seen it wrong!'

    Yao Yun Qing smiled bitterly.

    'How can a three-year-old toddler possess such a terrifying gaze? I must have been hallucinating...'

    Ye Wu Chen looked at Yan Yun, sinister and cold. He didn't say anything, he only lifted his hand slowly.


    A ray of light shot towards Yan Yun's chest.


    Yan Yun was instantly sent flying backwards and crashed heavily on the ground. He parted his lips to spit out a mouthful of blood, staring astonished at the purple robes fluttering in the wind.

    "Yan Yun!"

    Zi Feng's expression changed. She shifted her gaze to Wu Chen and pitifully said, "Elder brother Wu Chen, have you really forgotten our past feelings for each other? Why are you treating me so heartlessly now? More importantly, you refuse to give me another chance..."

    Her voice trembled tremendously. Her eyes were filled with so much pain and despair that it seemed as though she had really been hurt by that man...
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