Chapter 738 -Zi Feng’s Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 8

    Chapter 738 -Zi Feng's Death With Her Soul Obliterated Part 8

    "Feelings?" Ye Wu Chen sneered and said, "Zi Feng, since when did Ben Wang have feelings for you? You previously were only an orphan that was adopted into the Zi family. It was all due to that old man being kind-hearted in taking you into the family. Yet, you became resentful when I refused to let you be my concubine, and none of the Zi family's members supported the idea of forcefully letting you barge into my relationship. You then collaborated with outsiders to annihilate the Zi family! More importantly, you even amputated the limbs of Ben Wang's and Mu Er's son to disrupt our focus. Tell me what feelings do you think I will have for you?"

    A sudden clap of thunder seemed to have struck the crowd's heart, making them be unable to snap out from their shock.

    Previously, they originally thought that Zi Feng was ruthless enough, but they didn't expect that girl to be that vicious.

    She not only shamelessly wanted to become his concubine, she even killed her benefactor that decided to adopt her into the family just because they did not support her in getting together with him. Lastly, she treated a child so ruthlessly.

    Even the most vicious woman in this world would be inferior to her!

    There wasn't a small number of vicious people in this continent of the Central Region. Several people had chosen to relinquish their humanities for their benefits. But there was only one that could be that outrageous...

    In comparison to her, even serial killers were multiple folds better!

    "I didn't!" Zi Feng's expression changed greatly. She then replied with tears in her eyes, "Elder brother Wu Chen, you don't need reciprocate my love but you can't vilify me for that woman, ruining my reputation! I never did those things before!"

    Yan Yun was her sole backer at this moment so she definitely mustn't destroy his image of her at this moment.

    'I definitely mustn't admit doing that matter!'

    "Elder brother Wu Chen, have you forgotten that you previously promised to love only me in your entire life? Yet, this girl stole you from my hands. She didn't mind using underhanded moves in making you take her virginity and harassed you to be responsible for her in the end... But I didn't expect that you would fall in love with her!"

    Zi Feng no longer had her original glacial expression as she said that with tears flowing down her face.

    She spoke with so much sincerity that people who were clueless about the truth would definitely believe undoubtedly that Ye Wu Chen really did what she said...

    For example, Yan Yun!

    "Feng Er, you should just dump this man." Yan Yun held tightly onto Zi Feng's trembling hand. He then glared furiously at the couple before him, proclaiming, "Can you really be at peace from hurting Feng Er to such an extent? You will certainly be incredibly remorseful after letting her go today!"

    Ye Wu Chen's purple eyes were sinisterly cold. The gale in his surrounding intensified. It pressured over Yan Yun like a storm.

    Yan Yun's breath tightened at that instant, but he was still relentlessly gripping firmly onto Zi Feng's hand, not letting go of her hand.

    "Feng Er, don't be scared. I will definitely protect you!"

    'My Feng Er is so outstanding. This bastard couple dared to vilify her with false facts? Feng Er actually is extremely kind-hearted even though she has an arrogant and cold personality.

    'How can she really do those matters?'

    It was a pity that Yan Yun didn't know that the current Zi Feng wasn't that Shangguan Feng that he knew1...


    A tyrannical aura forced Yan Yun to step two steps back. Yet, he continued holding onto Zi Feng's hand, not loosening his grip.

    Just as Yan Yun wanted to step forth, he alarmingly discovered that the man's figure had transformed into an enormous purple tempest. Under the might of the tempest, Yan Yun found it hard to breath that he didn't have the strength to move his foot in the slightest.

    "Mister Yan Yun!"

    Zi Feng was speechless from her shock. But when she wanted to walk to Yan Yun's side, a snow-white figure suddenly moved before her in a flash, hindering her path...

    1. Miki: Yan Yun really deserves to be top rank in being the dumbest guy in this novel for now. Zi Feng didn't even refuse her identity and he still believes that she is the girl that he likes... facepalms
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