Chapter 766 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 4

    Chapter 766 -Eastern Island And The Qiancheng Family Part 4

    "Qin family! The damnable Qin family! Why did they seek trouble with our Qiancheng family?" Qiancheng Yan's fists were clenched so tightly that they gave off crackling sounds. Flames of fury blazed vigorously in his heart.

    Qiancheng Yun Long was slightly reluctant to answer him so he sighed subconsciously before explaining honestly, "It will be the wedding day for Qin Fei(fly) of the Qin family with the noble lady Jun Mo Yan (monarch nothing colour) of the Continent of Jun's manor in half a month's time..."


    It was like a bolt from the blue. Qiancheng Yan's body stiffened. He looked at Qiancheng Yun Long with a gravely pale complexion.

    He then asked in a shaky voice, "What about Yan Er? She will..."

    "So what if she disagrees?" Qiancheng Yun Long continued helplessly, "Yan Er, you should just give up. She... isn't someone that we can..."


    Qiancheng Yan yelled with all his might. His eyes were bloodshot. He had clenched his fist so tightly that he broke the skin of his palm.

    "I certainly won't let go of her hand as long as Yan Er has not given up! Didn't the governor say that if I can obtain two ten-thousand-year old medicinal plants and give them as my betrothal gift, they will let me marry Yan Er? I definitely won't give her up!"

    'How can I easily lay down my feelings for her after being childhood friends with her for so many years?

    'I will never let go of her hand as long as she has not given up on me! Nobody can force her to marry someone she does not love!'

    Qiancheng Yan gradually shut his eyes. Bitterness was expressed on his youthful face. Jun Mo Yan's beautiful and captivating face appeared in his mind.

    Her soft and gentle voice as she called him...

    "Elder brother Qiancheng..."

    Qiancheng Yan abruptly opened his eyes as he turned around and ran out of the entrance without turning his head back.

    "Yan Er, what are you going?!" Qiancheng Yun Long asked anxiously with a trembling voice.

    Qiancheng Yan halted his steps as he raised his head to look at the sunset.

    His back was so resolute. It had an intense glow under the sunset...

    "I am going to the Continent of Jun's manor. Yan Er must be waiting for me. I won't let her down!"

    He no longer said further after saying that, quickly disappearing under the sunset...

    Qiancheng Yun Long sighed heavily. When he raised his gaze to look at the white-robed girl that walked out of the horse carriage, he was stunned for a moment before saying, "You are..."

    "Oh, it is like this." Xiong Da rubbed his head before continuing with a straight smile, "Head, this lady is a person that we have picked up in the desert. She had been rescued by the young master, but she seems to have separated from her companion. Hence, I originally wanted to help her find him. Yet, from the current situation..."

    Qiancheng Yun Long had creased his brows tightly before relaxing them and said, "Lady, if it was as per usual, we will certainly help you find your companion. But currently, we already can't sustain ourselves so we can't help even if we wanted to."

    What he said was the truth. The Qin family had already made their move on them. It was unknown when they would be wiped out. It would only implicate this lady if she continued staying here...

    "I'm not in a hurry." Mu Ru Yue shook her head. With a slight smile, she continued, "If I had not guessed wrongly, there should be an unresolved seal in Mister Qiancheng's body."

    Even though Mu Ru Yue had just glanced at Qiancheng Yan through the hanging screen of the horse carriage, she could still feel the power of that seal...

    Qiancheng Yun Long dazed for a moment as he looked at the girl's smiling face in astonishment.

    'I am the only one that knows about the seal. How can this lady...'

    Mu Ru Yue just continued smiling silently with an indistinct light that flashed past her eyes.

    "Lady, if you don't mind helping my Qiancheng family, I, Qiancheng Yun Long, will definitely help you find your companion. But..." He paused for a moment before saying helplessly, "It will be a little risky staying here as even I don't know when I will suffer a calamity."
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