Chapter 797 – Shu Ning’s Family Background Part 3

    Chapter 797 - Shu Ning's Family Background Part 3

    "He is my contracted beast, Yan Jin." Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders while she introduced Jan Jin to the group with a smile.

    Yet, everyone was stunned when they heard the words 'contracted beast'.

    It was definitely not a feat for ordinary people to have a demon beast willingly contracted to them. It was especially so for a demon beast that could humanize and seem to be really powerful...

    Yan Jin looked at the glow before him. With a slight smile, he commented, "Little girl, this senior will be able to break through to the Supreme Realm after absorbing this power. But I will need time to do so. Thus, I won't be able to appear in the near future."


    That mighty power surged into Yan Jin's body when the crowd was stunned, instantly fusing with his body.

    Following that, with a flash of a black glow, the man had vanished before Mu Ru Yue...

    "Yue Er, just how many secrets do you hold?"

    Shu Ning smiled. It was unknown to her why she had a feeling that the girl before her will be standing at the summit of the world in the near future, looking down on the people in the world...

    "Let's go."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled as she turned around to leave the cave.

    Everyone came back to their senses as they watched her departing figure. They then hastily chased after her, following that snow-white robe in leaving the cave.


    Clamours could be heard in the dense forest. Yet, everyone stopped discussing when they turned their head to look at the four people heading toward them.

    "How are they still alive?"

    Liang Wen's expression changed. With glimmers dancing in his eyes, he commented, "It should be impossible for them to reach this place, according to their might. Can it be that they were terribly lucky in not meeting any demon beast along the way?"

    Currently, it was the only reason why they could reach this place completely fine...

    "So unlucky!" An Xi frowned her long, shapely eyebrows as she muttered, "Why have we met with these people? It seems that I forgot to check my calendar today so I am this unlucky."

    Her voice wasn't soft, easily entering An Lin's ears.

    An Lin's expression changed as she rebuked angrily, "An Xi, what do you mean by that? It is my misfortune in meeting with you guys instead! Don't think that you have already proven your might in reaching to this place by luck. This place isn't a trash like you can survive!"

    "Enough! Lin Er, stop bickering with these trash." Liang Wen calmed An Lin down while glancing gloomily at Mu Ru Yue's team. With a cynical smile, he said, "It is useless for them to have just luck as capability is the key."

    'These people's luck will run out sooner or later. It will then be their death day at that moment!'

    Liang Wen's gaze became increasingly sinister upon thinking about that.

    Shu Ning frowned slightly as she felt someone was staring maliciously at her. When she shifted her gaze to the direction of the gaze, a pair of vicious eyes entered her sight.

    Fury instantly surged in her heart.

    "Su Ning!"

    'I hate that name to the point of gnashing my teeth but I currently can't do anything to her...'

    Jin Kai frowned slightly as his cold gaze glanced at Shu Ning's face. A trace of puzzlement flashed past his eyes, but he quickly recovered his gaze.

    "Shu Ning." An Xi consolingly patted Shu Ning's hand while her clear, large eyes looked at Su Ning's furious gaze...
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