Chapter 805 – Setting A Battle Appointment Part 7

    Chapter 805 - Setting A Battle Appointment Part 7

    "Hehe! Wu Yin (voiceless), what do you think about the competitors in this competition? Have you eyed on any talents already?"

    The expression of the elder known as Wu Yin changed a little before he replied, "I also don't know how it will be at this stage. I will have to wait until the competition has started. Qing Yue (clear melodious), if we find some talents this time, let's recruit them. The Alchemy Sect is currently lacking talents. We must not let those bastards from the Martial Sect snatch away the talents no matter what..."

    Qing Yue chuckled, but he didn't reply. His eyes were cast downwards at the crowd with a trace of ray of light flashed past his eyes...

    All of the competitors in the plaza had gotten a number. An Xi turned around to look at the three people beside her. She then asked somewhat bashfully, "Yue Er! Shu Ning! Qiancheng Yan! What numbers did you get? I hope that we won't be opponents as I don't want to fight against you bunch of abnormal people."

    An Xi cheekily stuck out her tongue as she looked at the numbers in their hands.

    She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that all of them had different numbers...

    "This is great. Otherwise, I don't know how to battle."

    'The three people by my side are great at hiding their actual might. I can at most be Qiancheng Yan's match. I will be instantly defeated by Mu Ru Yue and Shu Ning.'

    "An Xi, all of us must pass this round of competition."

    Shu Ning smiled. Her smile was as elegant as chrysanthemum, giving off a captivating fragrance.

    An Xi looked slightly dazed at Shu Ning as she blinked her eyes and commented, "Shu Ning, your smile is really pretty. If I was a man, I will definitely fall heads over heels for you. You are countless times much better than that arrogant and haughty Su Ning."

    What she said was the truth, but when it was heard by Su Ning, it wasn't the case...

    A screechy voice was heard behind An Xi right after An Xi said that, "What did you say?!"

    An Xi got a fright at that instant. When she turned around, she saw Su Ning furiously walking toward her. She couldn't help but shudder a little.

    Just as Su Ning wanted to rip An Xi into pieces, she was stunned for a moment after seeing the number in Shu Ning's hand. She then said, "Bitch, you are my opponent!"

    'I can finally relief my anger on her this time!'

    "Hmm? Shu Ning, she has the same number of eleven as you have." An Xi blinked her eyes and looked with slight sympathy at Su Ning.

    'This girl will undoubtedly be killed in pairing up with Shu Ning.

    'This is especially so when Shu Ning's heart is filled with hatred toward this pair of mother and daughter. Her outcome will be miserable in the competition that will be commencing shortly...'

    "Hmph! Since that's the case, this missy won't bother with you this time!" Su Ning raised her chin as she looked down at Shu Ning's cold appearance. "I will make you kneel before me and beg me for mercy in a bit! I may perhaps be merciful in sparing your life if you beg hard enough!"

    She no longer said anything upon saying that as she turned around and left like an arrogant peacock.

    "Can this be fate?" Shu Ning gripped onto the number in her hand tightly. With a light smile, she commented, "That woman had framed me a dozen years ago, chasing me out of the family. Yet, I met up with her daughter at this place after a dozen years. It seems that this meeting was destined..."

    Shu Ning lowered her gaze slightly with a trace of cold ray that shone past her eyes.

    "Shu Ning," An Xi bit her lips as she patted Shu Ning's shoulder as she consoled, "Don't worry. You will definitely succeed in revenging against them. Furthermore, don't you have us by your side?"

    Shu Ning was startled before she smiled faintly.

    'That's right, I still have these friends by my side...'
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