Chapter 813– An Alarming Sword Technique Part 6

    Chapter 813- An Alarming Sword Technique Part 6

    This was especially so when he wanted to kill them!

    How could he let Liang Wen off?


    Mu Ru Yue's arm trembled a little while she retreated a couple steps back. She raised her head to look at Lin Li who was before her. With tightly creased brows, she ordered, "Qiancheng, step off the arena stage!"

    "But Master..."

    "Qiancheng Yan, you don't need to feel guilty. You previously didn't do anything wrong. I will similarly cripple Liang Wen even if you didn't. What should be unexpected to you was that the referee was so biased. This matter should have also been impossible to be predicted by you."

    The referee should be impartial and just. Thus, Qiancheng Yan didn't expect that Lin Li would make a move on them at this place.

    This matter should also be the first even if it was in the City of Chaos...

    "Master, I..."

    "Get down!"

    Mu Ru Yue frowned. She no longer gave Qiancheng Yan any chances in rebuking her.


    She kicked him off the stage before raising her head to look at the elder charging toward her...

    "Qiancheng Yan, are you alright?"

    An Xi hastily ran before Qiancheng Yan. She then said worriedly, "What Yue Er said was right. You don't need to blame yourself for deciding to cripple Liang Wen. A person like him deserves to die. Yet, you had left him with his life."

    "That's right," Shu Ning seemed to have seen through Qiancheng Yan's worries and guilt that she consoled, "My maternal grandfather once told me that a martial practitioner should do whatever he wants, not even caring for his own safety. It is only after breaking through countless crises that the person can become a genuine expert. If one was to suppress their hatred and anger, it will be detrimental to their cultivation instead.

    "If you didn't cripple Liang Wen now, you will be unsatisfied. If you don't relieve those negative feelings, it will sooner or later become a thorn in your heart..."

    "Moreover," Shu Ning paused for a moment before continuing, "I have confidence in Yue Er. Lin Li won't be her match even after increasing his might."

    A cold snort was heard by her side after she said that. "You are overestimating her might. How can she be able to defeat Lin Li?"

    Shu Ning frowned as she glanced at the arrogant and haughty expression of a young girl with a beautify appearance, glint of cold light that flashed past her eyes.

    "What did you say?"

    An Xi was so angered that she widened her eyes. Yet, Shu Ning raised her arm to block An Xi's path when she wanted to head forth to teach that girl a lesson.

    "Don't mind her," Shu Ning shook her head. She glanced coldly at the young girl's beautiful face as she continued, "Don't bother with her. Moreover, it isn't the time to bother with her now."

    Currently, what was the most important matter was Mu Ru Yue's battle...

    Shu Ning no longer said anything upon saying that. She raised her gaze to look at the battle on the arena stage. Her eyes no longer divert away from the young girl with a magnificent appearance.


    The young girl's expression changed after seeing that Shu Ning no longer cared about her. She bit her lip before saying with resentment, "Just you wait! There will be a day that I will let you know that I, Su Ning, isn't a person that you can just easily mess around with."

    She raised her chin as she walked toward Jin Kai like an arrogant peacock. She seemed to be treating Shu Ning as an insignificant person.

    Jin Kai frowned slightly as he shot a cold gaze at Shu Ning's elegant and pretty face. A glow flashed past his golden pupils. But it was so rapid that it was hard for people to notice it.

    Sweat from Mu Ru Yue's forehead flowed down her impeccable face on the arena stage.


    Her sweat dripped onto the ground, quickly forming a puddle of sweat before her...

    "Little girl, you can't defeat me!"

    Lin Li raised his head arrogantly while he said that. It was obvious that he wasn't placing any importance on Mu Ru Yue.
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