Chapter 814 – An Alarming Sword Technique Part 7

    Chapter 814 - An Alarming Sword Technique Part 7

    'Mu Ru Yue won't be my match after I used the secret art to increase my might drastically. There will be a side effect in using that technique though. I will no longer be able to carry out sexual intercourse in my entire life.

    'But I naturally won't need to care about that since I already have four sons.'

    Mu Ru Yue wiped the cold sweats off her forehead. She then held firmly onto her sword before striking at Lin Li again.


    A downward slash from the Heavenly Dragon Flame Sword struck toward the ground. An impact was shot toward Lin Li from the ground.

    Lin Li smiled, thinking nothing about that attack. His aura formed into a storm, colliding against the impact that was rapidly heading toward him. An astonishing explosion was instantly heard. Dust and sand filled the air, covering the girl's somewhat exhausted appearance...

    Mu Ru Yue took out two pills and consumed it. She leaped toward Lin Li again after feeling her energy had more or less restored...

    Yet, Li Li's aura increasingly intensified at this moment, a mighty storm filled the entire sky...

    Shock subconsciously filled the crowd's gaze upon seeing the current sight.

    "Such powerful force! This girl will most probably die without a complete corpse this time!"

    Even a True Realm expert might not be able to survive under such a storm, not to mention her that was only at the Heaven Realm.

    It was a pity that such a magnificent talent was going to fall...

    The crowd sighed in pity. Perhaps she wouldn't have met with such a calamity if she wasn't adamant in going against Lin Li.


    Qiancheng Yan's legs softened as he hollered in despair while looking at the girl under the storm. Tears of regret and sorrow gradually flowed down his youthful face.

    Shu Ning's heart couldn't help but skip a beat even if she had resolutely believed in Mu Ru Yue from the start when she saw such tyrannical power. She yelled frantically, "Yue Er, quickly dodge!"

    But it was already too late...

    The storm suddenly charged downward, enveloping that snow-like figure...

    "Doom! She is definitely finished this time!"


    An Xi sat heavily onto the ground. She bit her lips hardly with sorrow on her adorable face.

    'I just can't believe that the girl that I have interacted with for such a long time and even mentioned to take down the entire An family for me had just died on the arena stage...'

    An Xi hastily covered her lips while she reminisced about those days where they met and interacted with each other. Tears of helplessness and sadness seeped through the gaps of her fingers...

    Shu Ning's complexion had similarly turned gravely pale with her lips losing all rosiness. She just kept on shaking her head and yelled in a shaky voice, "Impossible! I believe in her. She won't die!"

    'How can such a magnificent and peerless girl die?'

    Shu Ning was able to accept it no matter what...

    "Hmph!" Su Ning sniggered. With a smirk filled with mockery, she said, "I had mentioned that this girl will definitely die. It is just that all of you didn't believe that. Thus, you met with retribution. A person should not be too brazen. Otherwise, you won't even know how you die!"

    Suddenly, Qiancheng Yan raised his bloodshot eyes shooting a death gaze at Su Ning.

    It was unknown to Su Ning why her heart shuddered when her eyes met with his gaze. But she didn't in the slightest express her shock in her eyes as her arrogance didn't allow her to show any sign of weakness. The mockery in her eyes intensified instead.

    "All of you should go and take her corpse back. But I think that her body must have already been obliterated without any remaining remnants of her body, judging by the current situation..."

    Qiancheng Yan hastily stood up and moved in a flash before Su Ning right after she said that. His bloodshot eyes were filled with fury and hatred.
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