Chapter 837 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 4

    Chapter 837 -Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife's Reunion Part 4

    Bai Ze frowned slightly with his cold gaze focused on the man. His gaze was as though he was a divine god looking down on the word. Yet, his voice brimmed with killing intent as he proclaimed, "Nobody can hurt her as long as I am here!"

    The man didn't say anything. Yet, a sinister aura could be felt from his eyes beneath his mask.

    He looked coldly at Bai Ze that appeared out of nowhere and with a cynical smile, he mocked, "Do you think you can defeat me?"

    "I won't let you hurt her even if I can't defeat you." Bai Ze raised his gaze. His white hairs gave off a light glow under the moonlight, making him look increasingly like a divine god.

    "Even if she is someone else's wife?"


    Bai Ze replied without any hesitation, "I've been with her for so many years so I understand what she needs. She have her own happiness. What I can do is help her protect her happiness. You should stop being so obstinately persistent in getting her. You had caused so much misery in her previous life. I won't let you hurt her ever again in this life!"

    The man narrowed his dark golden eyes. He then laughed brazenly after a long time. His laughter was so loud that it filled the entire night sky.

    "Haha! Bai Ze, you are a demon beast so you won't be able to understand humanity. Humans are always selfish. They won't stop at anything in getting what they want! I don't know about anyone. So what if I kill several more people as long as I can obtain my goal?"


    The man raised his hand and struck it toward Bai Ze upon saying that. His intense aura was so powerful that it seemed to be able to combust a human body in an instant...


    Bai Ze raised his hand to block the man's attack, quickly retreating a couple steps back. He shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue, who was behind him before raising his gaze and said, "Let's head out to battle!"


    The man commented coldly, "I just hope you won't die too quickly!"

    Mu Ru Yue became anxious when she saw the two of them about to leave the room. She hastily gripped onto Bai Ze's hand.

    Bai Ze's heart warmed when he felt the warmth on his palm. He then turned around to look at Mu Ru Yue's worried face. A gentle smile graced his divine god-like face.

    His smile was that gentle. It was like a breeze that brushed against Mu Ru Yue's face.

    "Bai Ze..."

    "Don't worry." Bai Ze raised his head and brushed his hand lightly through the girl's silky hair. With a warm smile, he assured her, "I will return back at your side alive..."

    His snow-white hair brushed gently on her face, his hair carried a captivating fragrance. Mu Ru Yue looked dazedly at Bai Ze that was following the black-robed man in leaving the room. Her heart tensed up subconsciously...

    'How can I not worry?

    'Bai Ze had really invested way too much time in the friendship for me.

    'However, I am only a person so I only have a heart. Hence, it is certain for me to fail to live up for Bai Ze's heartfelt feelings for me...'

    Yet, her heart ached uncontrollably whenever she thought about the Bai Ze's sorrowful gaze when they reunited for the first time...

    "No, I must watch their fight!"

    Mu Ru Yue's heart gloomed as she hastily ran out of the room.

    Nonetheless, it was pitch black at midnight so how could she see their figures? If they didn't want Mu Ru Yue to follow them, they could certainly do that with their might...

    Mu Ru Yue was unable to sleep for the entire night where Bai Ze was gone. It was until dawn that a figure pushed open the room's door. Bai Ze collapsed to the ground, directly after entering the room.

    Blood flowed constantly out of his body, staining the entire ground red.

    "Bai Ze!"

    Mu Ru Yue was alarmed as she moved in a flash before Bai Ze. With her gaze filled with worries, she asked, "How are you?"

    Mu Ru Yue's heart ached when she saw the current sorry figure of Bai Ze...
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