Chapter 838 –Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife’s Reunion Part 5

    Chapter 838  -Heaven Stage Mid Rank! Husband And Wife's Reunion Part 5

    "Cough! Cough!" Bai Ze coughed out a mouthful of blood. With a gentle breeze like smile on his handsome face, he said gently, "I am alright. He has also been injured. He should temporarily be unable to seek trouble with you... Cough! Cough!"

    He coughed profusely again after saying that.

    "Quickly consume this pill!"

    Mu Ru Yue hastily pushed a pill in Bai Ze's mouth. Yet, Bai Ze's gravely pale complexion remained the same even after being treated by the pill...

    Mu Ru Yue hastily took Bai Ze's pulse. Her expression changed slightly as she commented, "His power is still lingering in your body. Ordinary pills will not be able to treat your injuries. You must consume a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Pill..."

    But she currently didn't have medicinal plants in refining a Heaven Stage Mid Rank Pill.

    "Bai Ze..." Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze to look at Bai Ze's feeble appearance. Her heart clenched for a moment before she said, "I've implicated you..."

    Bai Ze's body stiffened before quickly relaxing his body. He gently patted Mu Ru Yue's hand and said with a warm smile, "I am delighted to do all these for you. You don't need to feel burdened. I had sworn to do everything in my power to protect you even if it leads to my death after meeting with you for the first time and becoming your companion..."

    Mu Ru Yue's heart shuddered as the scene where she met Bai Ze for the first time in her previous life subconsciously played in her mind.

    'We were just kids at that time. We gradually matured together from experiencing several trials and hardships with each other's companion.

    'It can be said that the person that stayed by my side the longest in my previous life was Bai Ze. We had experienced countless life and death crisis since young.

    'Yet, he had never abandoned me...

    'It wasn't due to a contract, but it is all for me. Bai Ze could really do anything for me. He didn't mind falling into Zi Feng's trap all for Wu Chen's son and me, being trapped in a place for a thousand years...'

    "Bai Ze, how am I ever going to repay you for what you had done?"

    Mu Ru Yue lowered her gaze slightly with her heart feeling a little sour.

    'There really isn't a way for me to repay what Bai Ze had done for me...'

    "If you really want to repay me," Bai Ze smiled slightly and with resolution in his eyes, he continued, "You just have to live happily! You must live forever!"

    'If you want to repay me, you just have to live happily.'

    The man's words struck deeply into her heart, making Mu Ru Yue's heart to tremble increasingly. She had a loss for words at that moment...

    "Yue Er, do you still remember what I said before? You are forever the only one I care for in my life. I will help you protect them as you love them... I'm already satisfied with just knowing you in my life. I don't have any other requests. To me, nothing is more important than your existence..."

    Mu Ru Yue's hand trembled slightly. When her gaze landed on Bai Ze's face that was brimming with satisfaction, she apologized softly, "Bai Ze, I'm sorry..."

    "You hadn't done anything to let me down. I'm delighted to do all those things for you." Bai Ze's smile became increasingly gentle, but there was still an undisguisable weakness in his expression. "I was the one that you met first in our previous life. I was also the one that accompanied you through the long baptism of time. Yet, the one you loved, in the end, was Zi Huang. Hence, I believe you won't have any other feelings for me even if Zi Huang didn't appear. I will always be a family member to you in your heart and that is enough for me. I don't have any more requests..."
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