Chapter 848 –Competition Ends And Departure Part 1

    Chapter 848 -Competition Ends And Departure Part 1

    The man was standing against the wind in mid-air with his purple robes fluttering slightly. His handsome face under the sunlight looked tremendously dazzling. It was especially so for his purple Devil Snare's pattern on his face, enhancing the charm of his appearance.

    A tyrannical grandeur was being released from the man's body, making his purple long robes to dance slightly along with the wind under the gale.

    Mu Ru Yue was stunned the instant she saw him, excitement stirred up in her eyes. She stared without blinking her eyes as the man in mid-air.

    "Wu Chen..."

    Mu Ru Yue called out lightly. But she was pulled into a warm embrace before she could say anything.

    The man's breath was really scorching as it landed near her ear, making her heart shudder...

    "Mu Er, I've come."

    'That's right, I'm here...'

    'We have been separated for so long after that accident. To me, every single day when we are apart passed like a year...'

    "Wu Chen."

    Mu Ru Yue hugged the man's waist tightly. She buried her head slightly on his chest and subconsciously took a deep breathe of his scent, a sense of safety permeated in her heart.

    'His scent always has the power to calm me down, just like the first time we met several years ago...'

    Mu Ru Yue reminisced their first meetings at this instant.

    'He previously looked like a silly fool, but he was just disguising himself as a pig when he was a tiger.

    'But it is undeniable that his feelings touched my heart as we gradually interacted with each other. Hence, I will never be able to let go of him in my entire life and eternity.'

    "Wait for me."

    Ye Wu Chen lowered his head gradually as his slender fingers brushed her hair. A charming smile suddenly graced his handsome face.

    His smile was like a field of fully bloomed flowers. A smile from him could change the colors in the world.

    It was really hard to imagine that such an Asura-like man could smile so charmingly. It was so charming that it could shake a person to the core, instantly robbing the ability of a person to breathe...

    Ye Wu Chen released his hold under Mu Ru Yue's gaze. He shifted his gaze to the man before him. When both of their eyes met with each other, a silent battle surged forth.

    "Zi Huang!"

    The man took in a deep breath with his dark golden eyes glimmering with killing intent.


    A tyrannical power burst forth from his body. That power was like flames from hell, spreading out from his surroundings.

    Ye Wu Chen raised his head to look at that man. A trace of sinister ray of light flickered in his purple eyes.

    His purple robes danced vigorously. His hair fluttered along with the wind. Following that, black flames slowly appeared in his surroundings. Those flames made him looked increasingly sinister. A shocking aura surged forth from his body...

    "She is Ben Wang's woman. Nobody can touch her at all!"


    The man laughed brazenly as the killing intent in his eyes intensified further as he retorted, "She will be mine after you die! Moreover, I will kill everyone single man that appears by her side with no exceptions!"


    The two intense aurae collided against each other on the arena stage. The ground was instantly obliterated. It was as though it was crushed by a gale.

    The man's dark golden eyes became slightly serious. He sniggered, making a large sword appeared in his hand with the raise of his hand. He charged at Ye Wu Chen like a thunderbolt.

    They were both incredibly powerful. Thus, the crowd could only see the sparks when their weapons collided. Following that, they shifted the battle into the sky after fighting for a short time on the ground.

    Mu Ru Yue looked at the Asura-like man in the sky. Her heart tightened slightly as she called out, "Wu Chen..."
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