Chapter 864 –Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai’s Disappearance Part 1

    Chapter 864  -Xiao Yue and Xiao Bai's Disappearance Part 1

    The sole reason why the Dou family could be counted as the top powers in the Eastern Island was due to them being backed by the Devil Sect.

    A white hair elder was sitting cross-legged on the bed with her eyes close within the Eastern Island. She abruptly opened her sharp eyes and looked toward the door.

    The room's door was pushed open and a middle-aged man walked in. He walked before Liu Lu and said, "Adoptive Mother, Dou Yi Jun is back..."

    Liu Lu's gaze softened when she saw the middle-aged man that had just entered the room. It was due to him being the only son that her elder sister had left behind.

    Liu Lu could only make him call her his adoptive mother due to the head of the Dou family clearly knowing every single member of that woman's family...

    "What about Wu Zun and Tian Ling? Aren't they back too?"

    Dou Kui (hole crotch) shook his head as he replied, "Only Dou Yi Jun has returned."

    'Only him?'

    Liu Lu frowned and asked, "Why hasn't Wu Zun and Tian Ling return? Can it be they met with trouble? But it is impossible for Dou Yi Jun to deal with both of them simultaneously with his current cultivation. Perhaps they suddenly needed to settle some matters..."

    Her tightly creased brows relaxed upon thinking about that.

    "Kui Er, don't fret. That brat Dou Yi Jun is insignificant. The head position of the Dou family will be yours sooner or later. I still needed Dou Yi Jun to be alive as I've not gotten the full power of the Dou family. But there won't be a need for him anymore soon..."

    Liu Lu sneered sinisterly with a trace of sinister ray of light that flickered in her eyes.

    'I will never regret doing anything for my benefits!'

    'The young mistress loved the head of the family but so do I. So what if I used every means possible in obtaining my beloved man?

    'It was just that the young mistress was destined to have a short life!

    'As for that son of hers, he is a seed of disaster. It is best to eliminate him as soon as possible. The entire Dou family will fall into my hand at that time...'

    A sinister glint shone past Liu Lu's eyes when she lowered her gaze.

    Following that, she proclaimed with the smile on her face intensified, "I have never failed in obtaining what I want, be it being the head leader of the Dou family or the overflowing power!"

    'Young mistress, are you seeing this? I am now sitting on your position, obtaining decades of love from your husband. Furthermore, I even made your son call me his mother!

    'If you previously didn't forbid the head of the family from taking me in as his concubine, perhaps all of this wouldn't have happened!'

    Liu Lu burst into laughs as she thought about that. Her smile was malevolent and terrifying; it was no longer her usual elegant expression in other's presence...


    The Wei family currently monopolized the power of the city with Mu Ru Yue's assistance. Moreover, she treated Wei Yue's body completely, allowing him to instantly breakthrough to the True Realm.

    Mu Ru Yue and Ye Wu Chen then left that place after accomplishing everything she had intended to do, heading to the Dou family...

    The Devil City was the base for both the Devil Sect and Dou family...

    When Mu Ru Yue just entered the Devil City, she discovered a familiar figure.

    "Shu Ning?"

    When the girl in front of Mu Ru Yue heard her voice, she was stunned for a moment. When she raised her gaze, Mu Ru Yue entered her sight. She raised her hand to close the book in her hand before walking toward Mu Ru Yue.

    "Yue Er, why are you here?"

    There was an elegant smile on Shu Ning's face, incredibly pleasant to sight.

    "I'm here to settle some matters. But..." Glimmer danced in Mu Ru Yue's eyes before she commented, "It seems you have broken through again... You will be able to astonish anyone for being such a young Heaven Realm Martial practitioner."

    Shu Ning smiled slightly as she said, "I am nothing when compared to a pervert like yourself. Oh right, An Xi entered the Martial Sect. Did you know about that?"
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