Chapter 950 – You Are Mu Ru Yue Part 7

    Mu Hao Tian raised his gaze to look at Chu Yun and said with a glacial killing intent filled voice, "Chu Yun, you harmed my Elder sis. I will never forgive you!"

    "No! Shen Mo, save me. I'm begging you to save me!"

    Chu Yun leaped toward Shen Mo as she pleaded with all of her might, "I'm begging you to save me on the behalf of being a married couple once!"

    Yet, Shen Mo just raised his leg to kick Chu Yun mercilessly away as she pleaded.


    Chu Yun's body crashed to the ground. Simultaneously, what shattered was also her heart...

    'Xia Rui abandoned me and left. Shen Mo divorced me. Why are men in the world so heartless?


    'I can't accept this!

    'I can't stand being inferior to Mu Ru Yue. More importantly, what I can't accept even more is that she is the woman that my beloved man loves...'

    "Mu Ru Yue! You bitch! You will die a terrible death!"

    Chu Yun's voice was shaky as she glared at Mu Ru Yue with a gaze filled with anger and jealousy and said, "A woman like yourself should have her body cut ten thousand times and die with an incomplete corpse! Hahaha!"

    Chu Yun laughed brazenly upon saying that.

    Suddenly, a sinister cold aura came pressuring over to her.


    She spat out a mouthful of blood Her fearful gaze met with a pair of charming but cold purple eyes.

    She could see how little this man before her cared about humanity and how ruthless he could be from his gaze... He was also as bloodthirsty as an Asura!

    "How will you like to die?" Ye Wu Chen smirked slightly but his voice was as cold and sinister as hell when he suggested, "Having your body torn apart by five horses moving in different directions, or have all of the bones in your body shattered... or do you want to go to the Eighteenth level of hell?"


    Chu Yun retreated a couple steps backward as she pleaded pitifully, "I'm begging you. Please let me off. I don't want to die. Furthermore, I am even more unwilling to go to the Eighteenth level of hell. I..."


    The man had already stepped on her chest before she could say further. The pressure from the pain of being stepped upon made Chu Yun to spit out a mouthful of blood at that instant. The horror in her eyes intensified...


    Ye Wu Chen raised his hand to grab onto Chu Yun's arm before bending it hard, instantly a crisp sound of bones breaking was heard. Following that, Chu Yun's heart-wrenching shriek was heard...

    But her shriek stopped from the following intense pain!

    The bones in her body were slowly broken bit by bit by Ye Wu Chen. Crisp sounds of bone breaking filled the entire sky...

    Even if it was Mu Hao Tian that loathed Chu Yun, he was frightened by what Ye Wu Chen had done.

    'Just how much pain will a person feel by having all of her bones in her body shattered? This man is a devil. He is really compatible with my elder sister...'

    "Enough!" Shen Mo could no longer keep on watching. "If you want to kill her, why don't you give her a clean death? Why do you need to torture her so much?"

    Even though he hated Chu Yun, he couldn't agree to what Ye Wu Chen was doing. Such an act of not caring for a beauty would make everyone that was looking at this scene greatly alarmed and be filled with apprehension...

    Ye Wu Chen sniggered as he rebuked, "This is the price she must endure! I must make her taste a life worse than death for insulting my wife!"

    'So what if I am ruthless? There is only a woman in this world that can soften my heart. The rest of the people are just like ants in my eyes...'

    "Aren't you afraid of being spit on and curse by ten thousand people?" Shen Mo's gaze became gloomy as he asked with an icy gaze.

    Shen Mo glanced at Shen Mo gloomily as he answered, "You have not got a matter right. She is my wife and is my everything. Even if I were to be spat on and cursed by ten thousand people and have a terrible reputation for ten thousand years, nothing is more important than to help her vent her anger!"

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