Chapter 959- Some comments and difficulties faced by the main author at that time when she was writing up this novel

    I originally planned to sleep already. But I decided to climb out of bed to say some words.

    I hope that those people that cursed that something bad will happen to my family or my parents have some class. Do you guys think that I don't want to upload chapters faster? I really do wonder why am I working so hard writing so late into the night where other people are already sleeping. All of that just to be cursed that something bad will happen to my family?

    I really appreciate the support from people that like my work. Can people that dislike my work or just purposely being a troublemaker please just leave?

    I clearly posted a lot of chapters daily but how would you feel when people still complained that I only posted three chapters daily? There are definitely people that went to read this novel from other pirated sites. But what would you do if they came back scolding you for not uploading more chapters when there weren't any updates from the pirated site?

    On another note, when I previously posted ten chapters daily, I had already mentioned that there were people chasing after me for chapters when I post lesser but I still got scolded when I increased my posting back to ten chapters. Hence, how many chapters should I post to satisfy all of you? I immediately lose all of my inspiration to write when all the messages I see are always people asking me for more chapters or scolding me once I am back online. I just sit behind the computer unable to write a single word when I am out of inspiration.

    I don't mind you guys scolding me as I will be able to endure that. But please leave my family out of this. I believe all of you have a family. I really suspect that those people are just purposely creating trouble. I also believe that those readers that like my work are classy people.

    I won't go on a strike and continue updating this novel daily. I will finish this novel no matter how much I don't feel like writing. To those people that dislike my work, you can just stop reading it. Pirated sites have nothing to do with me as I am not in charge of those matters. I will only write this novel to the end for readers that love my work.

    Furthermore, this isn't a real chapter. No money will be charged for reading this message so don't worry about wasting your money.

    Lastly, I also have my own life. I can't be like a robot that only knows to work. Writing a story is my hobby but not my main career. I hope to gain the understandings from readers that can comprehend what I am saying. As to those people that are purposely creating trouble, I don't care whether if you can or cannot comprehend what I am trying to say...

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