Chapter 38 – Downfall Of Mu Ting Er’s Reputation Part 2

    Chapter 38- Downfall Of Mu Ting Er's Reputation Part 2

    Mu Qing's expression ashened as he didn't know what happened. The usually obedient Ting Er had suddenly said such venomous words.

    Hearing the mockery in her surrounding, Mu Ting Er gradually awakened. When she remembered what she'd said, her expression instantly changed as she slumped to the floor.

    'Why? Why did this happen?'

    She looked just like a demoness just now. 'I've said the heartfelt words that I usually kept locked in my heart.'

    Currently, in a restaurant, Wu Yu, who saw such a scene, gulped the wine in his hand. He was unable to keep from laughing as he commented, "I didn't expect she would use that Truth Pill she'd just recently manufactured. Even if there are people that would say she was framed, there will be commoners that won't believe them as that is the might of words. That girl of the Mu family will be suffering from now on."

    Judging from Mu Ru Yue's personality, she shouldn't be bullied anymore by the Mu family.

    "No!" In the crowd, Mu Ting Er hugged her head and cried out, "I didn't say that! It definitely wasn't me!"

    "Ting Er!"

    Ye Tian Feng was so anxious that he didn't care about Tian Yuan and ran to Ting Er's side, tightly embracing her. "Ting Er, calm down!"

    Mu Ting Er's tears surged out. "Your highness, that wasn't me. Someone is framing me. There must definitely be someone. Your Highness, you must help me right this injustice."

    "Alright, don't worry. I'll definitely help be your judge and return your innocence."

    'His Ting Er was so kind, so how could she say those words? Someone must be framing her.'

    Hearing Mu Ting Er's words, Mu Qing snapped out of his shock as he pointed at Mu Ru Yue and shouted, "It was you, right?! Did you do something to Ting Er? It must be you that harmed Ting Er out of jealousy."


    Who knew that once his words landed, an inappropriate laughter was heard.

    Ji Ru Ya seemed to not have heard such a laughable joke in her life. With laughter in her eyes, she commented, "It's really strange. Mu Ru Yue is so far apart from Mu Ting Er, so how could she frame her? Mu family head, is Mu Ting Er actually your daughter while Mu Ru Yue is the one picked up from the streets? But the one that seems to have been picked up from the streets is Mu Ting Er from her appearance. Your Majesty, don't you think your servant is right?"

    "Whatever beloved concubine says is right."

    The Emperor of Zi Yue was already dazed from her moving voice, so naturally, whatever she said was right.

    "Mu family head, you see, even His Majesty agreed to my words." Ji Ru Ya laughed charmingly, mist forming from her slightly ajar lips.

    A faint glimmer appeared in Mu Qing's eyes as he felt that Imperial Concubine Ya seemed to be helping Mu Ru Yue.


    'He remembered that Mu Ru Yue rarely went out from the manor, so how could she have any relationship with Imperial Concubine Ya? With Imperial Concubine Ya's personality, she shouldn't randomly help others.'

    "Father!" Mu Ting Er covered her face with her hands, tears flowing out from the gaps of her fingers.

    This was the worst humiliation she'd experienced in her life.

    Moreover, Mu Ting Er believed that after today, she definitely would be mocked by the people of the Kingdom of Zi Yue. How could she endure that?

    The current Mu Ting Er had a taste of what it was like to be scorned by people, just like the young Mu Ru Yue, who had been viciously poisoned by her, resulting in her peerless innate talent being buried.

    "Young mistress Zhang...." After Mu Ting Er met with the scornful gaze of Zhang Ya Xin, her heart sunk, but she was at a loss of what to say.

    Zhang Ya Xin coldly snorted. "Young mistress Mu is so gentle, kind, and witty. How can a stupid person like myself talk to you? Won't I pass my stupidity along to young mistress Mu then?"
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