Chapter 42 – I Will Only Marry Him

    Chapter 42- I Will Only Marry Him

    When Mu Qing, still furious, heard her words, he immediately rejected her. "You can't. That man isn't compatible with you. How can my daughter have a husband like him? It's only fools like Mu Ru Yue that will go together with that man. But he is slightly better than the Ghost King, who has such an ugly ghost-like appearance that he made nobody willing to enter the Ghost King Manor."

    Even though Mu Qing was the head of the Mu family, excluding a few princes and royal members, nobody else had seen the legendary Ghost King. Since the royal family was filled with battlefields and schemes, naturally no one was will to eradicate those rumours.

    As for the maids that served the Ghost King, they were scared senseless by the Ghost King, so how could they expose his real appearance?

    "Why?" Mu Yi Xue puffed her cheeks and persistently said, "I don't care. I want to marry him. How can Mu Ru Yue seize such a handsome man? She isn't worth it."

    Mu Qing frowned as he was really helpless towards this daughter of his.

    "Xue Er, that man doesn't have the slightest energy undulation. If he isn't a trash, then his power must be weak. Moreover, his mind didn't seem normal. How can I allow you to wed a fool?"

    Saying that, Mu Qing paused before continuing, "He's a fool. The Ghost King is also a fool. Could there be a relationship between those two?"

    "Father, it can't be that you think he's the Ghost King?" Mu Yi Xue pouted as she continued to say with disdain, "The Ghost King is extremely ugly, so how can that man be the Ghost King? Moreover, that man was innocent and not a fool. That handsome man definitely couldn't be Mu Ru Yue's fiance, the Ghost King. Father, I don't care if he's a trash or not. I really want to marry him. If you don't agree, I'll leave the house."

    After her first glance of that man, Mu Yi Xue had already decided not to marry anyone but him.

    'That man, with an appearance that could sweep anyone off their feet, can only be mine.'

    "Alright! Alright! Alright! Father will promise you, alright?" Mu Qing tenderly caressed her head as he smiled, saying, "Don't worry. With father's word, who would dare not marry you? That person's energy undulation was too weak. He definitely wouldn't be from an aristocratic family. Now, father will look for his parents and give them a couple of gold coins. They will probably personally give their son to my Mu family then."

    Mu Qing smiled confidently as a couple of gold coin was sufficient to cater a few years of living expenses for small families. Anyway, who could resist the temptation of having gold coins?

    He didn't have an inkling of a thought, however, that Ye Wu Chen was from the Royal family. Ye Wu Chen's power was also way beyond his own, but it was just hidden. Thus, due to his opinionated words, he had consigned himself to eternal damnation.

    "Thank you father." Mu Yi Xue excitedly clung onto Mu Qing's arm as she excitedly said, "Xue Er always knew that father is the best. I'll go and accompany elder sister Ting Er now. She must be hurt."

    "Go then." Mu Qing caressed Mu Yi Xue's head as he said that with a smile. But after she left, his smile disappeared and was replaced with gloominess.

    "Who was plotting against my Mu family?"

    Thinking about the matter at the arena, flickers of light glimmered within Mu Qing's eyes. "Can it be that Imperial Concubine Ya or some girls who were jealous of Ting Er?"

    Even though he had suspected Mu Ru Yue initially, after thinking it through, he doubted she had that capability so he eliminated her name from his list of suspects. 1

    "It should be people that are jealous of Ting Er. I must make a detailed investigation of this matter. If not, it will be a little difficult for Ting Er to marry the Crown Prince."

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