Chapter 43 – Master, I’m Homeless

    Chapter 43- Master, I'm Homeless

    Inside the Pill Refining Room, Mu Ru Yue stared fixedly at Wu Yu. Her gaze gave Wu Yu goosebumps. He hastily rubbed his face as he asked, "Precious disciple, there's no flower growing on your Master's face so why are you staring at me? Even though I know I'm elegant, handsome, free and easy, and distinguished and accomplished, you don't have to look at me like that."

    Mu Ru Yue sized him up with a critical eye, but she couldn't find any parts that were handsome or free and easy. 'Why did she only see a benevolent elder?

    She withdrew her gaze. "Master, I'm homeless."

    Wu Yu, who was gathering his medicines, stopped what he was doing after hearing that. He cast a curious gaze at her. "Homeless? What do you mean?"

    "That's simple." Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders. "I've been expelled from my family."

    "Hmm?!" Wu Yu was startled and his eyes widened from the shock. He said, "Did that old man of the Mu family really eat the wrong medicine? Doesn't he wish to keep a talent every powerful faction would want to steal? He chased you out of the house? Are you kidding me? That old man is an idiot and a fool, but that's advantageous for me. Haha! In this case, I'll be your sole family member."


    Mu Ru Yue hadn't heard that word for such a long time that it warmed her heart. "Master, I've been under your tutelage for a few months already and you haven't given me anything, so can you give me a house? I want it to be a quiet place. The best would be a place where nobody comes to disturb me."

    Wu Yu glanced at her and asked, "Aren't you the fiancee of the Ghost King? Why don't you go to his place?"

    Even though the rumors about the Ghost King were unpleasant, a sect's mindset was different from the world's. Unless they saw it for themselves, they wouldn't easily believe those rumours, so Wu Yu was curious about that Ghost King.

    He didn't know if he would be compatible with that little girl. If he wasn't, he didn't mind threatening the Emperor to withdraw their marriage. Nobody could force his precious disciple.

    "Don't you know that there are differences between males and females? Even though that dog of an Emperor ordered our marriage, the marriage day hadn't yet arrived, so everything isn't fixed. Who knows if I really would wed him?"

    'When I first accepted the order, it was just to get a quiet place to increase my power. Who knew I will be able to leave the Mu family this easily? Is there still a need to marry him?'

    At that instant, Ye Wu Chen's pair of innocent eyes appeared in her mind, causing trembles within Mu Ru Yue's heart.

    "Little girl, I have a house on Hua Yuan Street. I'll pass the key to you later. You can live there."

    Thinking about Mu Qing's expression when he realized he'd chased away a peerless genius, Wu Yu couldn't help but laugh. He would probably regret it so much that he'd want to knock his head against a wall.

    "So, you do have a house in the Phoenix City. Why do you stay in an inn then?"

    Facing Mu Ru Yue's question, Wu Yu answered, "I would need to recruit servants and managing the house is troublesome. At an inn, however, there will always be someone ready to cater to my necessities."

    Wu Yu's laziness was well known among all of the members of the Qing Yun Sect. Even though he was the Chief Alchemist, he didn't take care of the Alchemists below his status. He only knew how to immerse himself in training.

    Hua Yuan Street was the quietest street in the Phoenix City. Even though there were a lot of shops, there were only a minimal quantity of people shopping in the area. When Mu Ru Yue entered the house Wu Yu gave her, an intense flow of energy came surging towards her.

    "I've heard that the houses on Hua Yuan Street were placed within an Energy Gathering Circle Array. It seemed that it was accurate as the dense energy here can't be found in other places. If people were to train here, their progress would require half the work and produce twice the effect."
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