Chapter 45 – Soloing The Crowd Part 1

    Chapter 45- Soloing The Crowd Part 1

    Mu Ru Yue chuckled lightly. "Even if you regret it in the future, I won't. Mu Ting Er should also come up. After I fight with everyone, I can then go back to sleep."

    She was brassy and unbridled.

    Those youthful men full of vigor were angered by her so much that a flame could have ignited atop their heads at that moment. They couldn't bear to not immediately head over and teach her a lesson. They wanted to make her, a frog in a well, know what that phrase truly meant. There were people stronger than her, and there were people that were much stronger than those people.

    "Hmph!" Ye Tian Feng coldly snorted and looked at Mu Ru Yue with disdain. He knew that this girl was using this method to attract attention to herself. She had done a lot such things before in order to attract his attention.

    He was, however, willing to provide her with an opportunity to embarrass herself...

    With a slight raise of a corner of his lips, Ye Tian Feng spread the folding fan in his grip as he coldly said, "Since you wish for that, I shall grant you your wish. The competition this time will be a solo fight against a group assault. It will be Mu Ru Yue challenging the other 20 competitors." 1

    A solo fight against a group assault? This was a setting created to make Mu Ru Yue have a guaranteed loss.

    Tian Yuan frowned, but he just sighed in the end. It was also a good deed to cut down the arrogance of that youth. Being too arrogant wasn't a good thing.

    Those that were arrogant but lacked ability were always the one that suffers in this world.

    Upon hearing Ye Tian Feng's words, the youths that had been long angered by Mu Ru Yue rubbed their fists and palms, showing an appearance as though they couldn't wait to viciously rough her up.

    "Mu Ru Yue!" Mu Ting Er gritted her teeth as she looked sinisterly at the young girl on the arena's stage. After seeing that she treated her as air, she coldly snorted in her heart before gently kicking of the ground wordlessly to leap on to the stage.

    Looking at Mu Ting Er's action, the others glanced at each other before consecutively heading towards the martial stage.

    The atmosphere on the stage became tense.

    Li Lu, who was in the crowd, couldn't help but sweat for Mu Ru Yue as she was only a Third Martial Stage practitioner. How could she deal with so many people at once? Moreover, there was also Mu Ting Er, who was a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner, within the crowd.

    At this moment, someone finally initiated an attack...

    A silver rope coiled out like a snake towards Mu Ru Yue. Mu Ru Yue lifted her foot and, with her sharp sight and rapid reflexes, kicked the rope away before shifting her body to the side to punch out at her opponent. She landed a strong punch on the chest of the youth before her.

    That youth retreated two steps back before shouting as he charged back into the battlefield.

    The movements of these people had become increasingly ruthless as they had been completely enraged by Mu Ru Yue's attacks. The number of punches and kicks towards Mu Ru Yue also became similarly faster. It was as though they were using the advantage of numbers to suppress her to death.

    But the more the crowd watched on, the greater they felt like there was something amiss.

    "Is Mu Ru Yue really a Third Martial Stage practitioner?"

    "That's incorrect. Her aura belongs to a Fourth Martial Stage practitioner. Could it be she'd broken through in the past three days?"

    A fifteen-years-old Fourth Martial Stage practitioner wasn't astonishing as Mu Ting Er had reached that level when she was fourteen. But can an ordinary Fourth Martial Stage practitioner fight off a large group attack without getting any injuries?

    Of course, if they knew that Mu Ru Yue had cultivated from the First Martial Stage to the Fourth in just three months, there would probably be an entire floor filled with eyeballs. How could she still be considered a genius then? She was obviously a monster.


    Ye Tian Feng couldn't help but stand up as he stared fixedly at Mu Ru Yue.

    'Fourth Martial Stage practitioner? When did she break through to the Fourth stage? If Mu Ting Er hadn't consumed the Green Pill, then maybe tomorrow she still wouldn't have made a breakthrough to the Fourth Stage. Can it be that this girl's talent was much greater than Mu Ting Er's?'

    Ye Tian Feng realised at that moment that he had forgotten about one matter.

    1. Miki: Ip Man anyone? I thought of that once I read this part
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