Chapter 46 – Soloing The Crowd Part 2

    Chapter 46- Soloing The Crowd Part 2

    Three months ago, there were clearly no signs of energy undulations from Mu Ru Yue's body. If she hadn't hidden her powers deeply, then it meant that she had broken through to the Fourth Stage in just three months.

    No talented disciple of the Qing Yun Sect were capable of achieving such a feat of improvement, from a trash to a Fourth Stage practitioner - in just three months time.

    If that were really the case, then that girl's innate talent was too terrifying.

    Slight glimmers of light flashed through Ye Tian Feng's eyes. It was unknown what he was thinking. It was undeniable, however, that currently, he had already stopped looking down on Mu Ru Yue.

    People were, after all, realistic on this continent.

    Mu Ru Yue possessed no qualifications that would make him even glance at her when she was a trash. But what if she had become a genius from trash? Perhaps a 15-year-old Third Martial Stage practitioner wasn't rare, especially since Mu Ting Er had reached the Third Stage when she was fourteen. There were also numerous talents in the Qing Yun Sect even more talented than her.

    If the talent before him had used a mere three months to reach her current cultivation, he couldn't help but attach importance to her.

    Ye Tian Feng continued to think, not noticing Mu Ting Er's gaze in the slightest.

    During the battle, Mu Ting Er had constantly thrown side glances at her beloved man. She similarly saw that he was always looking towards Mu Ru Yue.

    His eyes contained too many emotions, but his initial disgust and disdain had vanished.

    "Mu Ru Yue!" Anger and killing intent flashed through Mu Ting Er's eyes. Her delicate features distorted at that instant as she glared with hostility at the young girl who was fluidly attacking and countering on the stage.

    "I want you dead! You must die!"

    That slut had already attracted the Crown Prince's attention. She definitely mustn't allow her to continue to live.

    Mu Ting Er's tightly clenched fist relaxed as she took out a small yellow paper bag from her shirt. She carefully opened it and wordlessly consumed the medicine in it.


    The aura of her body intensified. She jumped to the Fifth Stage from the Fourth Stage in an instant.

    Ye Tian Feng could no longer remain sitting. He stood up and looked towards Mu Ting Er with an unfathomable emotion in his eyes. "Ting Er, you used that Ascending Pill at last."

    The Ascending Pill would enable the practitioner to breakthrough a stage within a short period of time, but it would revert their cultivation back to its original state after an hour had passed.

    Everyone knew, however, that such medicine had side effects. Ye Tian Feng didn't wish for Mu Ting Er to use it unless it was extremely critical. Using that medicine was also signifying that she was inferior to her opponent.

    Mu Ting Er used the Ascending Pill to break through to the Fifth Stage. She laughed hysterically when she felt the rise of her valiant powers. She seemed to have foreseen that slut, Mu Ru Yue's trembling appearance as she crawled beneath her feet.

    Mu Ting Er obviously had become crazed with anger by now, resulting in the loss of her usual sanity. Currently, she only had one goal - to kill that girl before her that had gained the Crown Prince's attention!

    "Mu Ru Yue, you still can't defeat me!" Mu Ting Er gnashed her teeth as she looked at Mu Ru Yue's exceptional appearance. She wanted to immediately go forth and rip her face apart. It was a face she hated to the core.

    Swish! All of a sudden, an aura swept past as Mu Ting Er charged rapidly towards Mu Ru Yue.

    With her cold ice-like blade, frosty rays of light glimmered in her eyes, Mu Ting Er anticipated the visual of her opponent shivering in fright. As a result, she didn't aim for Mu Ru Yue's vitals, instead aiming to ruin her facial appearance instead.

    In her opinion, she thought that by ruining her face, it would make it impossible for her to seduce men.

    Mu Ru Yue, who hadn't withdraw her sword since the start of the match, finally unsheathed her sword. She emotionlessly met with that overbearing attack from Mu Ting Er. When the two swords collided, sparks immediately flew in all directions. Mu Ru Yue felt the web between the thumb and forefinger of her hand become numb and a faint trace of blood flowed from her mouth.
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