Chapter 53 – Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 4

    Chapter 53- Hidden Growth in Feelings Part 4

    "Master, if I can revive it, can you give it to me?" Mu Ru Yue's eyes glimmered, obviously desiring that Eight Leaves Snow Lotus.

    Wu Yu chuckled. "Since it's dying, it will be useless for me to keep it here. If you are truly able to revive it, I'll give it to you."

    Hearing that, Mu Ru Yue didn't say anything else. She walked up to the side of the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus and gently placed her palm over it. A warm energy flowed out from her palm and gradually trickled into the petals of the the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus.

    Wu Yu initially had a 'whatever' mindset, but when he felt the changes of the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus, his expression changed drastically. He looked, stunned, at the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus currently bathed in energy.

    Although the changes were minimal, it was still obvious that the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus's vitality was increasing....

    Mu Ru Yue's complexion gradually waned as bean-sized  drops of sweat rolled down her exquisite face. Splat! It dripped onto the floor. It was so quiet in the Pill Refining Room that only their breathing could be heard.

    Wu Yu viciously smacked his head as he looked with disbelief at the slowly changing, pure white Eight Leaves Snow Lotus. His expression looked as though he were in a dream.

    "How can this happen? How is this possible?"

    'Monstrous! This little girl is too monstrous!'

    Not waiting for Wu Yu to recover, Mu Ru Yue had already withdrawn her hand. The previous withering Eight Leaves Snow Lotus had already recovered its vitality.

    'Wait a moment...'

    Wu Yu looked astonished. His eyes widened before he ferociously rubbed at them. He gazed at the Snow Lotus on the table.

    "That's not right?! Why does it have nine petals? When did that extra petal appear? Nine Leaves Snow Lotus......Fuck! This Nine Leaves Snow Lotus is even more precious than the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus!"

    It was easy to see that Wu Yu was in deep shock as it made that old fellow swear.

    Not only had this little girl revitalized the Eight Leaves Snow Lotus, she'd directly made it evolve into a Nine Leaves Snow Lotus from an Eight Leaves Snow Lotus! Was there such a monstrous person other than her in this world? She was obviously not human!

    Wu Yu was so shocked that he couldn't say a word. He just kept on muttering two words: "Isn't human."

    "Nine Leaves Snow Lotus?" Mu Ru Yue slightly knitted her brows as this was beyond her expectations. Sighing, she kept the Nine Leaves Snow Lotus into her Storage Ring before looking towards the dazed Wu Yu at her side.

    With a slight raise of her eyebrows, Mu Ru Yue's lips curled into a faint smile as she commented, "You had promised to give me the Snow Lotus."

    When Wu Yu snapped out of his shock and heard that, he couldn't help but glare at her as he said, "Since I've promised you, how can I go back on my word? Don't worry, regardless of whether it were an Eight Leaves Snow Lotus or a Nine Leaves Snow Lotus, it's yours. But, little girl, that ability of yours is out of this world. You definitely mustn't let anyone else know of that power. Otherwise, it will bring you calamity."

    Mu Ru Yue's heart warmed as she said, "Master, rest assured! I wouldn't have used that power if anyone else other than you were present."

    "Little girl, you..." Wu Yu helplessly shook his head. He didn't know whether to be happy that Mu Ru Yue trusted him or to sigh due to her unknown, hidden powers.

    He believed that if it were someone other than him in here, she definitely wouldn't have casually used that power.

    Wu Yu couldn't help but be excited that he'd discovered such a good seedling. Perhaps, the only thing he wouldn't regret the most in his life was when he recruited her as his disciple.

    "That's right! Little girl, I've heard that the Mu family has recently been searching for your location," Wu Yu suddenly recalled.

    "Mu family?" Mu Ru Yue was startled before she continued, a cold smile gracing her face, "Why is the Mu family searching for me?"
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