Chapter 66 – Suffocating From The Pain

    Chapter 66- Suffocating From The Pain

    Tian Yuan showed a trace of impatience as he coldly glanced at the elated expression on Mu Ting Er's face. He frowned slightly before indifferently saying, "Let's go! I don't have spare time to waste here."

    After saying that, he no longer paid attention to Mu Ting Er and just strode out of the manor. Mu Ting Er snapped out of her elation and rapidly chased after his departing figure....

    Tian Yuan didn't plan to really let Mu Ting Er become his genuine Yao Tong as he wasn't returning to the Qing Yun Sect yet. The competition had ended, but he'd had planned to stay in the city for a while longer, which was approved by Wu Yu.

    Following that, he would give Mu Ting Er unforgettable experiences as a Yao Tong....

    She would have to get out of bed before dawn and go collect medicinal plants in the nearby Sunset Mountain. After returning, it would already be sundown. Not only that, but when Tian Yuan was manufacturing pills, he must have a helper beside him. If she did it unsatisfactorily,he would scold her for minor matters. If it was a major matter, he would not allow her to eat for three days.

    Mu Ting Er initially thought that hard times were over, but she would soon realise she had entered hell instead.

    How could she, a pampered girl, undergo such bitterness? Not only did she lose a lot of weight, her cultivation also didn't improve. Her life wasn't comparable to the life she'd had in the Mu family....

    "Mu Ting Er, help me deliver these medicinal plants to Feng Er at Jing King Manor." Tian Yuan placed a basket of medicinal plants in front of Mu Ting Er and said that gloomily.

    Mu Ting Er thought she could finally see His Highness, the Crown Prince, so she suppressed the bitter taste in her mouth and respectfully lowered her head, replying, "Understood, Grandmaster Tian Yuan."

    She carried the basket and rapidly headed out. Due to her haste, she didn't see the cold smile expressed on Tian Yuan's lips at all.


    The bustling streets in front of Jing King Manor.

    Mu Ting Er gradually slowed down her steps as she raised her head to look at the imposing front of the manor. Her heart slowly began to stir.

    Suddenly, she seemed to see a handsome man before her, gently looking at her and saying the most poignant words.


    "Ting Er, you'll be the most beloved girl in my life. I'll protect you for all eternity."


    "What can Mu Ru Yue be counted for? You're the only person that can become my Imperial Consort."


    "Ting Er, since you're already my woman, I will definitely give you a title. Just wait for me for at most three months before I announce to the world that you're the woman I'll be marrying."


    Those words were said long ago, but it was as though she had heard them the previous day.

    Mu Ting Er, who was unhindered during her journey, was also unhindered when she directly entered Jing King Manor. She suppressed her surging heart and slowly opened the room's door....

    The curtain in the room slightly fluttered, allowing her to see two snow-white bodies. The varying tones of high and low voices viciously pierced her heart as Mu Ting Er listened. Bang! She dropped the medicinal plant filled basket.

    Mu Ting Er lost her ability to think as she stared in disbelief, eyes wide. She looked at the man who had declared he would love her for all eternity.

    Even though she had known earlier on that this scene would occur in the future, seeing it personally still made her heart feel as though it was being viciously torn to shreds. The pain made her feel suffocated....

    "Ting Er?" Ye Tian Feng had sensed some movement at the entrance, but he didn't have time to get off the girl's body. When he saw Mu Ting Er standing at the doorway, panic flashed past his eyes before instantly vanishing.

    The girl beneath him had charming eyes like silk along with an alluring appearance. She extended her arms, coiling them around Ye Tian Feng like a snake. She smiled seductively before asking, "Your Highness Crown Prince, who is she?"

    "She is..." Ye Tian Feng glanced at Mu Ting Er and answered, "She's my woman."

    She wasn't his Imperial Consort, just one of his women.
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