Chapter 70 – Imperial Consort Ya’s Bitter Fated Relationship Part 3

    Chapter 70- Imperial Consort Ya's Bitter Fated Relationship Part 3

    Seeing Ji Ru Ya bury her head in her hands and weep, Mu Ru Yue was at a loss as to what to say. She similarly had an unfortunate previous life. Her hands had been covered in blood, but she also understood that ill-gotten wealth should not be obtained. Moreover, if no one provoked her, she naturally wouldn't provoke them. If someone offended her, she wasn't so kind as to be bullied by them.

    Mu Ru Yu suddenly smiled coldly. 'Wasn't her death in her previous life the same? Not knowing what you possessed isn't a crime, but treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. Those people didn't mind wasting so many months pursuing her for that ancient Book of Alchemy.'

    "Lady Mu." Ji Ru Ya stopped crying and raised her teary eyes to look at Mu Ru Yue before continuing, "I've recently seen my cousin. He has also entered the palace and has become a captain of the guards. I have already given up on my revenge. I just want to leave the palace with him and find a deserted area to live the rest of my life happily with my him."

    "You are really giving up on seeking revenge?" Mu Ru Yue curiously looked at Ji Ru Ya. She clearly sensed her heart felt hatred. How could she give up so easily?

    "That's correct; I've given up because I believe Lady Mu will avenge me." Ji Ru Yue chuckled. She gave off a subtle charm when she laughed with her tear-stained face. "I understand how the Mu family works. They undoubtedly won't give up on a genius like you. To Mu Qing, if a genius can't be used for himself and won't listen to his orders, then he will end them before they can retaliate in the future. He's a vicious hearted man. How can Lady Mu just let him do as he pleases at that time? Thus, Mu Qing will die under your hands in the near future."

    It was undeniable that Ji Ru Ya was an intelligent girl, as she could make clear of the situation in just a short period of time. Ji Ru Ya had an inkling of a feeling that in the future, Mu Ru Yue wouldn't stay in this tiny Zi Yue Kingdom and would head for grander lands.

    "This is the reason why you sought me out?" Mu Ru Yue's eyebrows lifted. She was greatly impressed by Ji Ru Ya. If Mu Qing had killing intent, then the Mu family would really be exterminated.

    "That's right." Ji Ra Ya slightly raised her beautiful eyes to stare fixedly at the young and tender appearance before her. "My motive is to let Mu Qing receive retribution and make him understand that there is a cycle of karma. All of his bad deeds will returned to him. It isn't that important for me to personally exact my revenge. Currently, all I want to do is roam the world with my cousin. Lady Mu, can you promise me something? If you become a strong and powerful person that exceeds the Royal Clan's power, can you make that old Emperor give back my freedom?"

    What her cousin said was right. Hatred had completely buried her personality. Since someone would take care of the Mu family sooner or later, she should let go of her vengeance and roam the world with him.

    She would still have to personally bring her parents' memorial tablets allowing them to see the fall of their enemy when Mu Qing was dealt with.

    Seeing Ji Ru Ya's hope-filled gaze, Mu Ru Yue sighed. The great Imperial Consort Ya was really just a pitiful person. It was fate that played with people, making this originally blissful girl fall to such a state.

    "You previously helped me once in the palace, so I promise you: If there comes a day when my powers exceed the Royal Clan's, I will definitely help you leave the palace with your fiance. This is my debt to you."

    Ji Ru Ya's eyes lit up. She stood from her seat and walked before Mu Ru Yue, bowing deeply towards her as she said in gratitude, "Lady Mu, please accept a bow from me first. If I am granted the ability to leave the palace, I definitely won't forget your benevolence. If you need any help from now on, I, Ji Ru Ya, will do my best to assist you."
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