Chapter 77 – Invitation To The Pill Assembly Part 1

    Chapter 77 - Invitation To The Pill Assembly Part 1

    After Li Lu swallowed the Essence Purification Pill, the others followed and swallowed theirs. A series of crackling sounds from bones was instantly heard. The intense pain caused everyone to drop and roll on the ground, crying out in agony.

    'It hurts! This is too fu*king painful! So the process of purifying the body's essence is this painful....'

    If they were to know that Mu Ru Yue had undergone this process before and hadn't made a single sound as she tightly gritted her teeth, wouldn't they want to hide in a hole out of embarrassment?

    Watching the men rolling on the ground, Mu Ru Yue wordlessly left the area. Just as she entered the front courtyard, she coincidentally ran into Wu Yu. He had just arrived in search of her.

    "Little girl," Wu Yu's eyes lit up while he went over with a giggle. "I've come to find you for a matter."

    Seeing him smile with ill-intent, Mu Ru Yue's eyebrows rose as she waited for him to continue.

    "Hehe! It's like this..." Wu Yu rubbed his palms and laughed, saying, "Do you understand the status of alchemists in this world? To become an authentic alchemist, you must be acknowledged as one during a Pill Assembly. Such a convention is held every five years and, conveniently, there will be a Pill Master General Assembly held next month. As your master, I wish for you to participate in that assembly. First, it will allow you to prove your strength and second, I hope that you can return as champion of that event."

    The Pill Master General Assembly, as the name suggested, was the Alchemists' general assembly. The day it is hosted becomes a day of extreme importance to all alchemists, but the Pill Master General Assembly had stipulated that those over 30 wouldn't be able to participate. It could also be said that this was a competition for youngsters.

    The main reason why Wu Yu wanted her to participate in the Pill Assembly was because while it gathered talents, it would also help increase her knowledge. There was also a rumour that the Pill Assembly President's grandson would also be participating in this Alchemists' general assembly. If it wasn't for Mu Ru Yue appearing out of nowhere, Wu Yu would probably have been impressed by that brat's talent as he was skilled enough to reach the Earth Stage Mid Rank at only 17 years old.

    "Pill Assembly? How do I participate in it?" Glimmers of light danced in Mu Ru Yue's eyes. She was highly interested in this Pill Assembly.

    "That's simple; I've already gotten an invitation to the Pill Assembly for you." Wu Yu chuckled as he took out a bright gold invitation from his clothing. The invitation had 'Pill Assembly' in sparkling letters on it. "This is the invitation to the Pill Assembly. I took it from Tian Yuan. Even though the Pill Assembly had given me an invitation half a year ago, I didn't have a disciple then so I lost it. Thus, unfortunately, you'll have to use Tian Yuan's invitation in order to participate in the Pill Assembly. Furthermore, I've also helped you obtained proof of status of being an alchemist."

    While Wu Yu said that, he took out a crest. It had the shape of a grey-coloured Pill Furnace with two horizontal lines beneath it that represented Mid Rank.

    "All alchemists can go to the Pill Pavilion to test their rank. Following that, the Pill Pavilion will give out proof of their strength. In this world, anyone with the crest of an alchemist will be acknowledged by the rest of the world. The grey crest I'm giving to you now represents that you're at the Human Stage level."

    The Human Stage, Earth Stage, Mundane Stage, Heaven Stage, and Divine Stage were represented as grey, green, blue, white, and gold respectively. The horizontal lines at the bottom of the crest represented one's exact rank. For example, if the crest was grey with a horizontal line, it would reflect the Human Stage Low Rank; two horizontal lines would mean Mid Rank; three lines meant High Rank; four lines meant Peak Rank....

    "Human Stage Mid Rank crest?" Mu Ru Yue glanced curiously at Wu Yu.

    "That's right," Wu Yu nodded with a smile. "If I were to give you the crest that represented the Earth Stage Mid Rank, it would be too eye-catching. It should be impossible for a person of your age to reach such a level. If you were to bring that crest out, you'll definitely scare a crowd of people to death. Even the grandson of that old fellow of the Pill Assembly was 17 before he could reach the Earth Stage Mid Rank. Sigh~ The disparity seems too large...."
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