Chapter 78 – Invitation To The Pill Assembly Part 2

    Chapter 78 - Invitation To The Pill Assembly Part 2

    Wu Yu coughed drily twice before continuing, "My disciple, I hope that you'll become the dark horse of the competition and show your prowess at the most crucial moment in order to give those old fellows a fright."

    He couldn't help but laugh heartily when he imagined the stupefied looks of those old fellows. Who told that damnable old man of the Pill Assembly to brag so much about his grandson before him? No matter how talented his grandson was, he couldn't be compared to his precious disciple.

    Mu Ru Yue shook her head helplessly. It was truly a headache to have a master that didn't act like an elder.

    "When should I leave for it?"

    "You should head out today. I've already planned your itinerary so that you reach the venue for the Pill Assembly in exactly a month's time. Hehe. Disciple! You must work hard to help your master gain some face."

    "Today?" Mu Ru Yue clenched the invitation in her hand before nodding. "Alright, I'll bid my farewells to Wu Chen before setting out for the Pill Assembly."


    Petals from a peach blossom tree descended as the wind blew.

    Ye Wu Chen stood in the midst of this wind, staring unknowingly at something. It seemed surreal. He looked dreamlike with his shoulders covered with tender pink petals.

    "Wu Chen."

    A gentle voice was heard behind him so Wu Chen gradually turned around. When he saw the young maiden behind him, a mesmerizing smile crept on his handsome face

    "My wife, you've come."

    It was unknown when Mu Ru Yue had gotten used to his calls. She calmly accepted his reliance on her. Ever since he knew she stayed here, he stubbornly wanted to stay with her to the point that he was even willing to serve her tea and water, warm up her bed, being ordered around by her like a fool.

    "Wu Chen, I'm here to bid you farewell." Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look at the handsome appearance before her. It was the first time she truly found that Wu Chen's looks were really exceptional

    His skin was undeniably fair, but not to the point of being unhealthy. It was milky white. In addition, he had a pair of pure eyes that were filled with innocence, making him appear so very charming. His eyelashes drooped slightly as he looked at her pitifully, like an abandoned puppy.

    "Where is my wife going? It can't be to leave without returning like my Royal parents, right?"

    Mu Ru Yue's heart softened. She could never be mean towards him.

    "I just need to settle some matters. I'll return shortly after."

    Hearing that, Ye Wu Chen heaved a clear sigh of relief before slowly walking towards Mu Ru Yue, causing her heart to palpitate. They were so close they could feel each other's breath.

    Ye Wu Chen's looks were so impeccable that there wasn't a single defect, even when she examined him at such a close distance. His slightly pursed up lips from before now formed into a gentle line.

    "Wu Chen....Wuu...."

    A pair of lips sealed hers before she could finish her sentence.

    It was not like the fleeting kiss Ye Wu Chen usually gave. He gave her a somewhat amateurish kiss. Mu Ru Yue's body shuddered slightly before she abruptly pushed Ye Wu Chen away from her body.

    She narrowed her eyes to size up the slightly flushed youth standing before her, but didn't say anything. It was impossible to know what mood she was in from just her expression.

    "My... My wife...." Ye Wu Chen panicked as it seemed that he always overdid things to the woman before him. Moreover, he couldn't forget that she wasn't an ordinary girl. Could it be she had figured something out?

    "Previously in the Imperial Garden, I saw King Hua push down a palace maid on the ground. Then, then he did this...."

    Ye Wu Chen lowered his head, appearing as though he had done something wrong.
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