Chapter 79 – Enchanter Feng Jing Tian Part 1

    Chapter 79 - Enchanter Feng Jing Tian Part 1

    "King Hua? Ye Yi Hua?" Mu Ru Yue's gaze chilled. "So it's him. Wu Chen, just walk away from him in the future. Don't even look at him. Otherwise, he might corrupt you."

    The pitiful King Hua didn't know what had happened but he had already been blacklisted by Mu Ru Yue.

    "I'll listen to whatever my wife says." Ye Wu Chen smiled. His smile was as eye catching as sunlight. It made Mu Ru Yue's icy heart gradually thaw. Moreover, his eyes looked so sincere....

    "Wu Chen, you must take care of yourself in the period when I'm not around." Mu Ru Yue held onto Ye Wu Chen's hands as she continued with a smile, "I promise you that I'll return quickly."

    Ye Wu Chen gazed at the girl before him. He really wanted to keep her hidden so that nobody could see her, but he understood that this girl was destined to be dazzling.

    He walked forward and gripped Mu Ru Yue's hands instead before saying with a domineering, yet childish tone, "My wife, you are mine. You're mine forever."

    Mu Ru Yue smiled, but didn't place his words in her heart. Perhaps there were a few times when she got disconcerted by Ye Wu Chen's actions, but she treated him as a child that relied on her. Thus, she didn't think much of his words and only thought they were spoken by a child that didn't want to lose his family.

    Perhaps Ye Wu Chen's position in her heart had subconsciously changed, but she hadn't yet realised it. Even though Mu Ru Yue's past life was rich, she was still clueless about relationships.

    Watching Mu Ru Yue's departing figure, the innocence within Ye Wu Chen's eyes slowly disappeared. What replaced it was a devilish aura.

    He curved the corner of his lips slightly upward and used a slender finger to caress his lips. That smile of his made him look increasingly bewitching.

    "It seems that I have to work harder to gain her affection...."


    In the Mu Manor, Mu Yi Xue stood up excitedly, causing the chair to scrape against the floor. With elation in her eyes, she said, "Is this the truth? That slut Mu Ru Yue is really leaving Phoenix City? That's great. I'll make it so that she will never be able to return!"

    As she said this, her adorable face revealed unprecedented viciousness.

    'I hate her. How can I not? I'll never forget that day. Father and I had graciously gone to invite her back home. Who knew that the slut would make me lose face before the man that had gained my affection?'

    "But young mistress...." Her maidservant was hesitant. The Eldest young mistress was the Third young mistress's blood related elder sister. Why did the Third young mistress hate her so much when they came from the same mother?

    "You can withdraw now. You don't need to care about this matter, nor are you to report this to father. I naturally have means to deal with that slut." Glimmers of light danced within Mu Yi Xue's eyes as she smiled.

    'Mu Ru Yue, you're the one that didn't want to walk upon heaven's path and insisted on walking down the hellish route. Since you're seeking death, I'll mercifully send you off. But it would be too kind to send you off so easily.'

    After Liu Huan left, Mu Yi Xue took out a whistle. A man had given that whistle to her as repayment for saving his life.

    Actually, Mu Yi Xue didn't know how she had saved him. She had once coincidentally wandered into an unmanned house in the back courtyard of the Mu family and saw a guy lying on a bed inside that house.

    When that guy opened his eyes and saw her, he had thanked her for saving his life and had then said that if she ever needed help, all she  needed to do was blow on the whistle to find him. He was willing to help her with one matter.

    Naturally, Mu Yi Xue didn't bother clarifying his assumptions which resulted in a fortuitous encounter for her, so she cheerfully accepted his gratitude for having saved him.
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