Chapter 84 – Madam Sheng Yue Part 1

    Chapter 84- Madam Sheng Yue Part 1

    "You...." Mu Yi Xue didn't expect this servant to dare to talk to her in such a manner. The ferocity in her eyes intensified greatly. She purposely suppressed her voice as she hollered, "Are you seeking death? This missy's status is so noble, you aren't even worthy to be compared to this missy's shoe!"

    Ming Xiang laughed coldly. "Young mistress, I won't spread this matter. But once you do anything that will threaten this servant, this servant can only seek protection. This servant knows that he can't be compared to young mistress. But this servant will write of this matter and place it in a bag and pass it to someone. If something were to happen to me, he will announce this matter to the world and let everyone know that young mistress had lost her innocence to me. This undergarment that was used to cover your chest and abdomen shall be treated as a token young mistress gave to me as a sign of affection."

    Upon saying that, he didn't watch Mu Yi Xue's expression and just picked up the undergarment before flying out of the room. When Mu Yi Xue came back to her senses, his parting figure was already far away. She had missed the best chance to kill him.

    If she were to head out now, there would definitely be many people that would know what she had done.

    Mu Yi Xue bit her pink lips. Deep hatred filled her heart. She would blame this matter on Mu Ru Yue! The only one that hated her within this Phoenix City was only Mu Ru Yue. Thus, it must be she that did this to her!

    "Mu Ru Yue, I'll make you live a life worse than death!" Frosty rays of light glimmered in Mu Yi Xue's eyes. Her charming and adorable face turned malevolent.

    She would definitely pay back the humiliation she'd experienced today by folds to those people.

    "My lord, it should be fine this way, right?"

    While Mu Yi Xue cursed Mu Ru Yue, Ming Xiang left the Mu Manor. After making a few turns, he met with a man.

    This man wore a silver mask. His beautiful eyes were filled with a sinister aura and his enticing lips curled upwards into an eerie smile, which made people shiver in fear.

    "You have done very well. I'll send people to protect you. Your task is to go and harass her every day."

    The man coldly gazed towards the far horizon with a trace of iciness in his eyes.

    'Mu Yi Xue, you dared to try hurt her. I'll make you live a life worse than death!'

    Thinking about the red-clothed, enchanter-like figure that had been hiding behind a tree, the man's gaze darkened slightly. With his lips sinisterly curled upward, he ordered, "Yun Han, go and investigate that man's identity."

    "Yes, master."

    An icy voice rang out behind the man. Once he said the words, the atmosphere regained its tranquility and the wind stopped blowing.

    The man smiled as he used a slender finger to caress his lips. His smile was incredibly mesmerizing, making people want to know how handsome his face was behind the mask.

    "No matter who that man is, you will always be only mine."

    He definitely wouldn't let that girl be taken by other men. Her heart would forever be his, only his. But that man was a step faster than him in drugging Mu Yi Xue. But Nobody would move faster than him next time.

    "Yun Tian, summon Yun Ying back. I'll leave for a period."

    Thinking about that girl's smile, the silver-masked man grinned. He must use this period of time to gain her heart in order to prevent other men from stealing it. He would not lose her this way.


    Dan City was the venue for the Pill Assembly.

    It was probably due to the Pill Assembly that Dan City was filled with people. When Mu Ru Yue first stepped into Dan City, she could feel the aura of numerous experts.

    The Pill Assembly was indeed an event that gathered experts.

    At this moment, a horse carriage charged over from the front. In that instant, people simultaneously stepped out of the way of the carriage. But at the center of the road, there was a little girl of approximately 3-4 years old standing there unmoving. It appeared she didn't see the nearing horse carriage....
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