Chapter 89 – This World Had Become A Fantasy Part 1

    Chapter 89- This World Had Become A Fantasy1Part 1

    "Cough! Cough!"

    Following two dry coughs, the entire venue regained its tranquility.

    Elder He surveyed the surroundings with a strict gaze. After seeing everyone becoming absolutely silent, he smiled and continued, "Alright, everyone enter the competition arena. I will announce the rules for the first round of competitions."

    When the crowd heard his words, they orderly entered the competition arena.

    "The first round of the competition is extremely simple. It is to differentiate medicinal plants. I have prepared many medicinal plants for every single one of you. You just have to list at least five of the medicinal plants' characteristics and a pill formula. The time limit will be the time it takes to burn an incense stick. Anyone that couldn't complete this task in that time period will be eliminated. Alright, may the competition begin!"

    Upon saying that, Elder He closed his eyes to rest in the meantime. Someone immediately lit an incense stick in front of him. Following that, the fragrance of incense permeated everyone's nose, making them want to fall asleep.

    Everyone was astonished. This was probably the most famous sleeping incense that would cause the inhaler to enter a dreamy state. It seemed that this competition didn't just test their skill of medicines, but also tested their willpower.

    Instantly, some people began to viciously pinch their legs and force themselves from falling asleep.

    There were only four people that maintained their usual state in the crowd.

    Two of them were Mu Ru Yue and Qin Fei Fei. There was also a delicate and handsome young youth. That young man was standing straight like a pine bamboo. His eyes seemed to be as dazzling as the light from stars, and they always remained focused on the medicinal plants before him.

    If that young youth were to be described, then it would be that the instant you saw him, you would momentarily seem to be looking at an enchanting world. He was also like the upright bamboo in the forest, so mesmerizing to look at that everyone's attention couldn't help but be drawn towards him.

    "Qin Fei Fei from the Qin family and the president's grandson's ability to withstand the sleeping incense is unquestionable, but what about the other two's origins? Can it be that they will become the dark horse in this competition?"

    Elder Flame stroked his beard as he looked at Mu Ru Yue before halting his gaze at a black robed person not far from her. It was unknown why, but when he looked at that black clothed man, he felt slightly uncomfortable.

    "Why does that man's aura makes me feel uneasy? It seems I should send someone to check on his origins."

    Elder Flame didn't think much about him and withdrew his gaze as he looked at the youngsters below with happiness in his eyes.

    "That little girl isn't simple. This proves that her mentality is great for her to be able to resist the sleeping incense. A Human Stage Mid Rank? Hehe! This competition is getting increasingly interesting."

    He was also becoming more excited....


    "Alright." Qin Fei Fei placed her pen down before walking towards the three elders, the judges for this competition. She respectfully handed over her paper as she said, "To the three elders, these are my answers."

    "So it is Fei Fei." Elder He smiled and said, "You just have to place the paper down before heading back to your seat."

    "Yes, Elder He."

    Qin Fei Fei slowly retreated.

    Moreover, since she was the first to hand over the paper, it caused a commotion to erupt from below.

    "It's Qin Fei Fei. She is really fast. The championship should be hers this time."

    "Haha! Don't forget that there is still Mister Qing Yu, the grandson of the president. His ability mustn't be underestimated."

    "No matter what, it is still Qin Fei Fei from the Qin family that got the advantage in speed."

    Under the discussion of the crowd, the others also handed over their paper.

    Qing Yu took his paper and walked forward. With a slight smile on his handsome face, he nodded towards the three elders before walking back. Currently, there was only a small portion of people that hadn't handed over their paper...

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