Chapter 90 – The World Had Become A Fantasy Part 2

    Chapter 90 - The World Had Become A Fantasy Part 2


    Under the crowd's gaze, the black robed man placed the pen in his hand down. He then took up the test paper from the table and slightly blew the ink dry before walking towards the three judges.

    Elder He placed the test papers to the side before looking at the burning stick of incense. He then calmly said, "There is only 10% of the time remaining. I hope that the rest could speed up a little as once the incense stick burns out, you will be eliminated."

    What could be done in the last 10% of time? 1

    Some of the people couldn't help but give off a cold sweat. Only Mu Ru Yue remained collected, calmly writing as though she hadn't heard him.

    "Had I guessed wrongly?" Elder Flame frowned. "This is just basic knowledge. Can it be that she isn't the dark horse of this competition, seeing that she is taking so much time? Resisting the sleeping incense stick might just be a coincidence."

    Just as the last bit of incense fell, and Mu Ru Yue finished writing at the last moment.

    "Her luck is not bad to be able to finish at the last minute." Qin Fei Fei coldly glanced at Mu Ru Yue, who was walking towards the judges. With a cold sneer, she had previously thought that girl wouldn't be able to pass the elimination round.

    But wouldn't this be more interesting for her? If her opponent was too weak, it would be pointless beating her. Therefore, Qin Fei Fei actually hoped that she could pass the elimination round.

    "Alright, time's up. Everyone, place your pens down and wait for the result."

    Hearing those words, those youths that hadn't finished their paper walked out of the arena dejectedly. They knew that they were definitely eliminated.

    Elder He didn't care about the other's expression as he started reading the papers of the competitors. Only Elder Qin sat at the side, not looking at any of the papers.

    He already knew the result so why would there be any difference looking at the papers or not?

    "Elder Flame, look at this person's writing." Suddenly, Elder He excitedly held up a paper. "I have been wondering why, when I previously tried to use the Fire Cloud Grass and Star Light Seed to refine into a pill, it had always failed. It seems that it was due to me leaving out an ingredient. Moreover, I also didn't know that the skin of Purple Cloud has such an effect. This is my first time knowing this...."

    If this paper had just random words written down, Elder He wouldn't be this agitated. With the detailed explanations on the test paper, it made it impossible for him to not believe it.

    Furthermore, the entire page of the test paper was filled with words with components of medicinal plants detailed differently. There were also many that they hadn't heard of. In addition, there were more than 10 types of pill formulas written.

    "Mu Ru Yue..." Elder He muttered that name. With excitement in his eyes, he continued, "This fella must be a genius. That's right, she must be an absolute genius!"

    A person's memory was limited. Even if her Master were to tell her all of this, how could she remember so much? Even that little brat Qing Yu had only written six types.

    "What?!" Elder Flame snatched the paper over. When he read what was written, he seemed to be enlightened. "So that was the case. I was wondering why three of my pills failed to refine. It was due to this."

    "I haven't finished reading. Don't snatch it from me!" Elder He viciously glared at him before quickly snatching the paper back. While he read, he suddenly had an unprecedented understanding.


    Seeing this old fellow acting so shamelessly, Elder Flame puffed his beard and glared at him in anger. Unfortunately, he couldn't do anything but stick his head towards him and view it together.

    1. Miki: If it is Miki, Miki will be staring at the incense and thinking, is this hell ending if Miki was in the competition? Then again, Miki might just sleep at the very start after thinking, what a nice scent... I shall snooze a bit. Well if that day Miki was determined, Miki might last. Who knows?
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