Chapter 92 – Mental Strength Test

    Chapter 92 - Mental Strength Test

    Qin Fei Fei clenched her fist tightly and her body couldn't help but tremble.

    The words from the crowd resounded constantly in her ears.

    How could she accept that a lowly Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist had entered the top three positions and even gained the champion spot? How could she bear with that?

    Qin Fei Fei inhaled deeply to calm her unstable breathing as she looked at Mu Ru Yue with an increasingly icy gaze.

    Elder Qin's white brows slightly dipped as he frowned when he noticed Qin Fei Fei's emotions. He sighed. That little girl lacked experience; her mood became so unstable with just a failure.

    If this were to go on, then it would be greatly detrimental for her future. It would be good for her to be defeated by Mu Ru Yue today. The elimination round was only based on knowledge. The upcoming round of the competition would be the genuine important ones...

    "Alright, the result of the first round of the competition is out. The second round of competitions will be coming up next. The second round will focus on your mental strength." Elder He smiled as he stood up before waving his hand, instructing some people to lift and bring over an enormous rock.

    That enormous rock needed a few dozens of people to lift it. It could be said that it wasn't a rock, but a rock mountain. It seemed to have matchless toughness so it was evidently difficult to break it.

    No one knew what Elder He was up to, so they curiously looked at him.

    "Have you clearly examined this rock? It is a complete Steel Essence Stone. Even if it is our president, he might not be able to break it. You will use your mental strength to strike at this rock in a short while. The champion for this round will be the one that can execute the most damage to the rock."

    Elder He smiled. He knew that he was putting these youngsters on the spot. However, to alchemists, mental strength was the most important factor.

    "What if someone completely breaks it?"

    Someone below instantly queried.

    Elder He chuckled. "I can definitely say that is impossible. Even the most talented person on this continent wouldn't be able to break this perfect Steel Essence Stone with just his mental strength. Hence, everyone can be completely reassured. This is my promise to all of you."

    Everyone calmed down after hearing Elder He's words.

    "Mu Ru Yue," Elder He shifted his gaze towards Mu Ru Yue as he continued with a smile, "Since you were the champion for the first round, you shall be the first to attempt to strike the Steel Essence Stone. Remember, you can only use your mental strength-you will be disqualified if you were to use your martial power."

    He wanted to know how great her mental strength was when compared to her knowledge of alchemy.

    However, he still didn't feel assured so he added, "You can use all of your mental strength to strike at this Steel Essence Stone without holding back."

    Mu Ru Yue pouted as she didn't know if she should do as he said.

    Was this Steel Essence Stone really as tough as he said?


    Qin Fei Fei coldly snorted with mockery. Mu Ru Yue's mental strength shouldn't be any good considering she was only a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist. Perhaps she wouldn't be able to even break a small corner of the stone.

    She would be the first to attempt and will then be disgraced.

    Mu Ru Yue walked to the Steel Essence Stone and took in a slow breath before releasing her mental powers. A tyrannical mental power emanated from her body, instantly causing the tree leaves to fall and a cloud of dust filled the air.

    Hong! The tyrannical power struck the Steel Essence Stone under the astonished gaze of the crowd. Everyone was dumbfounded at what happened next.

    The entire Steel Essence Stone immediately shattered and crumbled beneath her mental power....
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