Chapter 93 – She Definitely Isn’t Human

    Chapter 93- She Definitely Isn't Human

    Not to mention the rest, even Mu Ru Yue was stunned. Startled, she turned her head to the stupefied Elder He and blinked her dazed eyes at him.

    Didn't this elder say that it definitely wouldn't crumble? Then why did this entire Steel Essence Stone crumple when she wasn't even at full force?

    At this moment, in everyone mind, they truly believed she was a monster!

    There wasn't anyone that didn't know how tough a Steel Essence Stone was. Yet today the enormous Steel Essence Stone had unexpectedly been crushed into pieces under the might of her mental powers.

    Was she still human?

    "Erm... was this Steel Essence Stone made of dirt?" Mu Ru Yue pondered about the reason and could only think about that possibility. Otherwise, why did it crumble when she didn't use that much strength?

    Elder He was so ashamed that he wanted to bury himself into his seat. He took in a deep breath to calm his stirred emotions. "Little girl, I can guarantee that this was a genuine Steel Essence Stone. We had experts test it."

    Thinking about what he just said, he could feel his face flushing. He had lost a lot of face today.

    "Elder He, since this was the genuine Steel Essence Stone, why was she able to shatter it?" Qin Fei Fei bit on her red lips as she commented, unsatisfied.

    She was initially waiting for that girl to be ridiculed. Who knew that she would step into the limelight? How could her mental strength be so strong when she was only at the Human Stage Mid Rank level? Therefore, there must definitely be something wrong with that Steel Essence Stone.

    "QIn Fei Fei, are you suspecting that I am harbouring her?" Elder He's expression darkened slightly before saying in a harsh tone, "The Steel Essence Stone was found by the president. If you have any problems, go and find the president."

    Qin Fei Fei was momentarily startled. She hastily lowered her head, bit her lip, and replied, "I didn't say anything about Elder He harbouring her. I just feel that this is just too unbelievable."

    Who could believe that a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist could possess such tyrannical mental powers?

    "Enough!" Elder Qin frowned. He coldly interrupted Qin Fei Fei as he said, "Fei Fei, I can also guarantee the authenticity of this Steel Essence Stone, so you shouldn't worry about that."

    Anyone that was still suspicious stopped questioning the outcome after hearing his words.

    Elder Qin was from the Qin family. Even he didn't assist Qin Fei Fei now. This clearly showed that the Steel Essence Stone was genuine. This also proved that the young girl possessed such tyrannical mental powers.

    At this moment, everyone had a thought.....

    She definitely wasn't human!

    Who else, especially other girls, could reach her standard?

    "Since the Steel Essence Stone has shattered, the result for this round is out. The champion is still Mu Ru Yue. The ranking for this round shall be the same as the elimination round."

    Qin Fei Fei clenched her fist with hatred after hearing Elder He's words.

    She initially thought of entering a spot in the top three positions for this round. It was all that girl's fault for destroying the Steel Essence Stone, causing her to continue to be unable to reach the top three positions.

    How could Qin Fei Fei, who had always been arrogant, stand not being able to obtain a top three position during the elimination round and the semi-final round? She could already foresee that she would be unable to enter the top three positions in the final round.

    Elder He frowned slightly when he shifted his gaze to Qin Fei Fei and caught the hatred in her eyes. He then said, "In the final round, there won't be any special requirement. You just need to manufacture your best pill. The champion will then be determined by the grade of the pill."

    Qin Fei Fei's tightly clenched fists relaxed. A cold sneer was expressed as she shifted her cold gaze towards Mu Ru Yue at the side.

    You were just lucky for the previous two rounds. The next round would test ability. How could you, who was only a Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist, continue to be the champion? 1

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