Chapter 94 – Mysterious Black Clothed Man

    Chapter 94- Mysterious Black Clothed Man

    The competitors went to pick their medicinal plants in an orderly manner before returning to their seats. Qin Fei Fei glanced at Mu Ru Yue before snickering as she took out her pill furnace.

    A bright red pill furnace appeared in front of her. Following that, she raised her palm in a gentle motion, causing a bright flame to dance on her hand.

    "I will definitely beat that girl this time."

    If not, then how could she have the face to continue to stay here?

    Everyone began to focus on their pill ingredients once the pill refinement commenced. As such, nobody noticed that the black-clothed man had discreetly taken out a porcelain bottle. Traces of an odourless and colourless substance permeated from that porcelain bottle. When the substance passed by medicinal plants, they began to gradually wither.

    "Wha....what is going on?"

    "Why has my medicinal plant withered?"

    "I'm doomed. Everything is finished..."

    Alarm soon turned into despair.

    If they had to get new medicinal plants, then they would certainly run out of time. Could it be that they had lost before they could even compete? How could they be willing for that to happen?

    "What's happening?!" Elder Flame's expression slightly darkened. He stood up from his seat and shifted his gaze to that black-clothed man. The light in his eyes gradually dimmed.

    "I previously felt something was amiss with that black-robed man. Can this be his doing?"

    But he didn't have any evidence. Even Elder Flame didn't have any idea on how to remedy this. Furthermore, it wasn't just the others as that black-clothed man's medicinal plants had also withered. If his medicinal plants didn't wither, then it would have been easy...

    The black-clothed man sneered. He wouldn't let anyone successfully form their pill, even if the host of the event were able to prepare more medicinal plants for the participants. The only one that could win this round can only be him!

    "No!" Qin Fei Fei looked at the withered medicinal plants before her. Her exquisite face momentarily paled. She bit tightly on her lips as her body shuddered. "Why...why did this happen? I'm can't take it! I didn't even enter the top three positions. I wanted to use this round to wash off the disgrace from the previous matches. Why have I already lost the qualifications to participate in this competition?"

    She was really unsatisfied as the Pill Assembly would be hosted only once every few years. If she were to lose this opportunity, she would have to wait for some time before competing again.

    "Cough cough!" Elder Flame dryly coughed twice. With a strict gaze that surveyed the surroundings, he calmly said, "Everyone, since there have been changes in this competition, this competition shall last until....."


    Ling Tian walked two steps forward before his words even landed. Under the cover of the black robe, his lips curled up into a slight curve before saying, "As an alchemist, we have to adapt to situations. Since that is the case, there will definitely be a way to reinvigorate the withered medicinal plants."

    "Do you have a way?" Elder Flame asked with a darkened expression.

    Ling Tian snickered. He didn't say anything more and just returned to his seat. He slowly raised his palm.

    His fingers were slender and good looking, with a distinct bone structure. A faint green light was emitted from his palm and gradually entered the medicinal plant. The initially withered medicinal plant regained some vitality shortly after.

    "The legendary method of using energy to recover medicinal plants!" Elder He stood up abruptly. With an ashen face, he looked at Ling Tian. "You're that person's disciple."

    "That's right, I am that person's disciple. Moreover, my name isn't Ling Tian." His appearance had been covered by the black robe so nobody could see his expression. "You shouldn't be foreign to my name. I'm that person's prideful disciple, Ling Ye!"
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