Chapter 95 – Finale Of The Competition Part 1

    Chapter 95 - Finale Of The Competition Part 1

    The crowd didn't know what that name represented, but the three elders at the front took in a breath. They had already guessed that the black clothed man wasn't simple, but to think that he was that person's favourite disciple.

    "What? Is the name that shocking, or is it that you want to disqualify me?" Ling Ye snickered sinisterly. With mockery in his eyes, he continued, "It is a pity that I haven't broken any rules, so you don't even have the right to eliminate me. I, Ling Ye, will definitely become the champion of this competition."

    He didn't like the alchemy profession, so he didn't practice it much. Even if that was the case, defeating this bunch of arrogant fools wasn't hard. But wouldn't that be too boring? Since he was here to mess up this event, he must completely mess it up to make those people understand that person's disciple wasn't a useless scoundrel.

    Elder Flame and Elder He looked at each other before laughing bitterly. If the champion of this competition were to fall on that person's disciple, it would mean the total loss of face for those few elders.

    Because back then, it was them that disqualified that person from the Pill Assembly.

    Just when they started to despair, Mu Ru Yue, who hadn't made any move before, walked up to the pill furnace. She narrowed her eyes when she looked at her medicinal plants before gently placing her palm above them...

    "Can it be that she is trying to learn that technique from that man Ling Tian and use energy to recover medicinal plants?"

    "How can that legendary technique be used by everyone?"

    "Perhaps if she tries..."

    Everyone started to laugh as they watched Mu Ru Yue.

    Ling Ye frowned. His lips curled up into a sinister smile beneath the black robe. He used his eyes to size up the young girl, an indistinct mockery filling his gaze.

    Elder Flame and the few elders' eyes lit up. Perhaps this little girl might bring them a miracle....

    Miracles really existed.

    The instant Mu Ru Yue placed her hand over the medicinal plant, the previously withered medicinal plant began to give off a weak ray of light. Each stalk then became completely invigorated and was at least an inch larger.

    Those who had been ridiculing her were stunned. With widened eyes, they watched on in shock as though they were peering at a ghost.

    "Miracle! It's a miracle! Hahaha!" Elder Flame jubilantly laughed. He was exceptionally excited and wanted to laugh out loud towards the sky. "Ling Ye, how is that? You aren't the only one that knows how to use the technique of using energy to recover medicinal plants. Moreover, her medicinal plant seemed to have grown larger... Eh! Much larger?"

    Elder Flame gasped with astonishment. He just realised that the medicinal plant unexpectedly seemed to have grown by a lot.

    The 50-year-old medicinal plant had turned 100 years old in such a short while? This... Was she truly a monster? When did the technique of using energy to recover medicinal plants gain such an effect?

    "Who is this monster's master? If that alchemist isn't well known and is inferior to me, I perhaps might be able to discuss with them about giving this disciple to me."

    Rays of light glimmered in Elder Flame's eyes. There was such a good seedling before him. If he didn't take any action, it would be akin to piercing his own heart with a knife.


    Ling Ye's expression became ashen. His eyes narrowed slightly as a trace of cold light flashed in his eyes.

    The method for using energy to recover medicinal plants was discovered by his master from an ancient book. Who knew that there would be someone else that also knew of this method? It seemed that he had underestimated the hosts of this Pill Assembly.

    However, no matter what, the champion for this Pill Assembly must be him.
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