Chapter 99 – What’s So Good About That Fool? Part 1

    Chapter 99- What's So Good About That Fool? Part 1

    "Everyone, since the competition has come to an end, the prize awarding ceremony will happen in three days." Elder Flame smiled as he stood up. Anyone could tell that he was in an exceptional mood today from the smile that filled his face.

    After glancing at Mu Ru Yue, he happily left the venue.

    'Mhmm! I discovered a good seedling. I must return to report this to the president and recruit her into the Pill Assembly.'


    The night was serene.

    In an inn not far from the venue, Mu Ru Yue seemed to be sleeping soundly. The bright moonlight shone past her window to highlight her exquisite face.

    At this moment, a foreign aura entered the room. Mu Ru Yue's brows twitched once, but she didn't open her eyes as she waited to see what the intruder wanted to do.

    She felt a hot sensation on her nose, as though someone's breath was blowing on her face.

    Mu Ru Yue couldn't stand it any longer so she abruptly opened her eyes. In that instant, a face entered her night-like eyes.

    It was a man in red clothes like a matchless enchanter, his seductive red lips slightly tilted to form a perfect arc. His chest was exposed from behind his clothing, and that fair chest gave off an indistinct glow beneath the moonlight.

    Currently, the man had both hands on the bed as he looked at Mu Ru Yue with narrowed eyes. The distance between them was so small that it successfully made Mu Ru Yue sharpen her gaze.


    After an anger filled holler, Peng! Mu Ru Yue kicked at a certain part of the man's body. Following that, a shriek broke the calmness of the night.


    Feng Jing Tian wanted to extend his hand to hold the area where Mu Ru Yue had kicked, but thought that the action was rather inelegant. Thus, he could only stagger to a corner before directing a vicious glare at Mu Ru Yue with grievance-filled eyes.

    "Vicious woman, are you trying to break my legacy? If I really do lose it, then I will make you be unable to continue your legacy as well!" Feng Jing Tian gritted his teeth in anger, but he couldn't do anything to this girl.

    He initially wanted to steal a kiss under the cover of the night, but who knew that he would fail and it even nearly made him lose his legacy?

    The heavens knew that even though Feng Jing Tian loitered among clusters of flowers, he despised those girls that were too tacky and he didn't even want to touch them. At most, he would drink some tea and tease them a little before leaving. Hence, until now, he was still a virgin.

    If that part of his really malfunctioned, then wouldn't he be unable to try that ecstasy filled experience before becoming a pile of white bones?

    "Feng Jing Tian." Mu Ru Yue narrowed her eyes slightly. With cold rays of light in her gaze, she asked coldly, "What are you doing here?"

    "What do I want to do? You tell me what can a lone male and female do deep in the night? I've got to say that you're really merciless. If you really made me unable to have sexual intercourse after tonight, will you be repaying me with a son?"

    Mu Ru Yue glanced at the bottom portion of Feng Jing Tian. With a slightly raised brow, she continued, "If you really are worried about not having a son to continue your legacy, then in the future my son will look after your later matters."

    "You..." Feng Jing Tian really wanted to viciously smack this woman's bum. He took in a deep breath before continuing with gritted teeth, "Woman, are you cursing for me to die? Even if I were to go to hell, I will drag you down with me. We'll continue to be entangled with each other then."

    "My apologies, but I don't have any interest in interacting with you." Mu Ru Yue yawned before she coldly looked at Jing Tian Feng. "Moreover, you should scram now."

    Feng Jing Tian seemed not to have heard her words as he staggered over to sit in a chair and pour himself a cup of tea. It was as though he were the master of the room.
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