Chapter 100 – What’s So Good About That Fool? Part 2

    Chapter 100 - What's So Good About That Fool? Part 2

    "Woman, I have already looked up your history during this period of time. I've heard that you are going to wed a fool?" Feng Jing Tian shook his head. His pair of wavy phoenix eyes contained happiness and looked exceptionally mesmerizing.

    "If you want to escape, I can bring you away. Even the Emperor wouldn't have the right to hinder your path. But the prerequisite is....," Feng Jing Tian didn't in the slightest notice that Mu Ru Yue's expression had darkened. With a smirk, he continued, "How about marrying me?"

    Mu Ru Yue's expression darkened to the point where it resembled a pool of stagnant water. With her body giving off an icy cold aura, she looked at Feng Jing Tian's enchanter's like face before saying coldly, "I hadn't yet married him, but he is already my husband. If you call him a fool again, believe that even if I can't kill you now, there will surely be a day where you will regret it."

    The smile on Feng Jing Tian's face gradually disappeared. He shifted his gaze to the young girl's icy appearance. His heart felt as though it had been viciously pierced by something.

    "What's so good about that fool?" Feng Jing Tian's gaze slowly dimmed, his eyes gloomy as he stared fixedly at Mu Ru Yue.

    Even he didn't know what he was currently feeling.

    He had a habit of teasing any beauty when they first meet, but that was all he did. Yet, when he'd seen her previously cold attitude, he found that he was slowly unable to forget about her.

    The people in this world seemed to be of two types over these past few years. One type was where they couldn't free themselves after seeing his peerless appearance, while the other ridiculed him for either the red clothing he wore all year round or for having a magnificent appearance that was even better than a girl's.

    She was the only one that wasn't stunned, nor did she mock him. It was just indifference....

    After heading back, he started to look up information regarding her. His initial curiosity became appreciation. Who would have thought she'd suffered so much in these past few years?

    Those who should have been closest to her wanted her to die for an outsider. She was supposed to have peerless talent, but had her meridians blocked due to poison and was humiliated.

    This girl had suffered so much until, one day, she finally stood up and shot her radiance in all directions to let the world understand that the Eldest young mistress of the Mu family was no longer a wastrel.

    But currently, this girl was protecting another man before him. It made Feng Jing Tian's heart viciously seize, his eyes filling with grief.

    "Nobody else needs to know his good points. It is sufficient that I know."

    To be honest, the current Mu Ru Yue still didn't know what position Ye Wu Chen held in her heart. No matter what, however, she just needed to think about that young youth and her heart would be filled with warmth.

    The young man was pure and innocent as a sheet of white paper. He was like a ray of light that shone on her dark heart, amidst a world filled with killing.

    It was precisely because of his presence that she didn't feel lonely in this foreign world.

    Outside the window, beneath the moon, a silver masked man held both of his hands behind his back. He stood as straight as a rod in the moonlight. His gaze was filled with boundless gentleness as it landed on the familiar face inside the window.

    He couldn't help but wish to immediately wed this woman, yet he understood that the time wasn't ripe. Instead, he had to wait for the day when all of his matters had settled before he could marry her...

    "Feng Jing Tian?" The silver masked man's gaze landed on that enchanter's face. With curled lips that gave off a sinister aura, he continued, "You dare to steal Ben Wang's girl. It seems I should teach him a lesson that not just anybody can desire her. Moreover, that kick of hers wasn't bad."

    'I just hope that little girl doesn't kick me there during our bridal night in the future...'
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