Chapter 104 – Can You Be Even More Arrogant?

    Chapter 104 - Can You Be Even More Arrogant?

    Actually, the old man really wanted Mu Ru Yue to be his grandson's wife, but he clearly understood that this little girl was really obstinate. She definitely wouldn't agree, so he wanted Qing Yu to be at her side in order for feelings to develop with time. He had the time to wait anyway.

    When his words landed, not to mention the others, Qing Yu himself was dazed as he looked at the president with a gaze filled with grievance.

    Was this considered him being sold by his biological grandfather?

    "Grandfather!" Qing Yu frowned with grief expressed on his handsome face.

    "Shut up!" The president viciously glared at him. "Your grandfather is negotiating with someone now. How can you interrupt? Go and stand in a corner."

    Qing Yu helplessly shook his head. Why did he have such a grandfather that could casually sell his biological grandson?

    "Miss, my grandfather was only kidding with you. Please don't mind him." Qing Yu shifted his gaze to Mu Ru Yue with a bashful smile. He scratched his head before continuing, "This old man has always been like that. An elder that doesn't act like an..."

    Before the 'elder' word landed, a fist mercilessly struck at his head.

    The president's beard trembled as he glared at him like a fiend. "Has there ever been such cases like this where you talked about your grandfather in such a manner? An elder that doesn't act like an elder? Stinky brat, this old man is your grandfather!"

    Qing Yu pouted as he looked at him, aggrieved.

    It would really be better having none than having such an old child-like grandfather.

    "Hehe! Little girl, have you considered?" The president turned his head to Mu Ru Yue and said smilingly, "My grandson is actually not bad. He has the looks, his talent is great, and he can also cook and sweep the floor. Can't you consider keeping him?"

    Mu Ru Yue sighed helplessly, "I already have a fiance and your grandson looks really unwilling."

    Looking at Qing Yu's grieving appearance, he looked remarkably like a little animal that had suffered from some inhumane mistreatment.

    "How about becoming my disciple then?" After being silent for a while, his eyes lit up as he asked that.

    Mu Ru Yue shook her head. "I reject."

    Reject? She rejected?

    The crowd looked at her in shock. Who didn't know the Lord president's identity? In the current time, the only one that could be comparable to him was Wu Yu, who had extremely high sight. The president wanted to recruit her as his disciple, but the little girl actually rejected him?

    Could she be more arrogant?

    "Little girl, you must at least give me a reason for rejecting me." The president expressed grief.

    He wanted to recruit her, but that little girl rejected? Could it be that she had a master greater than him?

    "I already have a Master. He will be coming here in a few days. If you really want to recruit me as your disciple, you should talk to him." Mu Ru Yue shrugged her shoulders as she said that with an insincere smile.

    Hearing that, the president heaved a sigh of relief. "Alright, I will wait for his arrival. I will personally discuss this matter with him. If he agrees, then you will be my disciple.

    Within these four kingdoms, excluding that old fella Wu Yu, whose alchemy's level exceeded his? Moreover, he hadn't heard of that old fellow Wu Yu recruiting a disciple, so this little girl obviously wasn't his disciple.

    Since that was the case, wouldn't it be easy for Mu Ru Yue's master to pass her on to him? As the president of the Pill Assembly, once he asks someone, that fellow shouldn't reject him.....

    Among the crowd, there was a silver masked man that hadn't left and witnessed what had just happened. A light smile was displayed on his demonic face beneath the mask.

    The current him really had the impulse of keeping Mu Ru Yue from the world so that nobody would try to seek her. Yet, he knew that this girl wasn't like other girls and wouldn't want to enjoy hiding behind people's back for protection.

    She was destined to use her hard work to climb to the peak of the martial world before coldly looking askance at the common people of the world...
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