Chapter 107 – An Acquaintance-like Person’s Arrival Part 3

    Chapter 107 - An Acquaintance-like Person's Arrival Part 3

    'How could Wu Chen be here?'

    Thinking this, she shook her head, laughing aloud in spite. Suddenly, her gaze fell on a pendant atop her blanket.

    Mu Ru Yue picked up the jade pendant. After seeing the 'ghost' word on the jade pendant, she momentarily became stunned. "Isn't this the jade pendant that is always on Wu Chen? Why did it appear here? Could it be that it wasn't a dream?"


    In the main hall of the Pill Assembly, the president glanced at the old man before him. After giving a cold snort, he asked, "Well, isn't this Grandmaster Wu Yu? When have you become so free as to come visit my place?"

    It was obvious that the old man was still brooding over the other man refusing to join the Pill Assembly and instead choosing to enter a sect.

    "My disciple is here, so why can't I come?" Wu Yu swept a glance at him before pouring himself a cup of tea. He didn't haggle much with him.

    While the two elders were going against one another, cold sweat from Elder Flame and Elder He, who were at their side,  flowed constantly.

    "Your disciple?" The president raised his brows. "Who doesn't know that Grandmaster Wu Yu's sight is high? When did you recruit a disciple?"

    "My disciple is the champion of this Pill Assembly, Mu Ru Yue." Grandmaster Wu Yu revealed a proud expression after mentioning his disciple. He didn't in the slightest notice the instant change in complexion of the president.

    "You... you said that Little Ru Yue is your disciple?" The president completely stiffened. It was impossible for him to guess that Wu Yu was that girl's master.

    Judging from this elder's personality, how could he give his disciple over to him?

    Wu Yu glanced at the seemingly frightened Elder Qin. With a slight raise of his brows, he asked, "I've heard that my disciple has been bullied by someone here. Yet, it really isn't too good for us old fellows to enter a fight between the youngsters, right? What do you think, Elder Qin?"

    The president was stunned. With the protective nature of this elder, how could he forgive the other so easily? It was useless explaining to him that it was due to Qin Fei Fei being too young as this old man wasn't the type to be merciful towards youngsters.

    "Yet, I heard that Elder Qin from the Pill Assembly kept helping that little girl, Qin Fei Fei. You wanted to let Qin Fei Fei step into the limelight after my disciple salvaged the medicinal plants?"

    Wu Yu's words were right on the spot.

    The president smiled bitterly. He knew that this old fellow would definitely not let it go if he himself didn't deal with Elder Qin.

    "I've heard that the Qin family has also offended Madam Sheng Yue. I can't continue to keep Elder Qin here anymore. Elder Qin, please head back to your Qin family. My Pill Assembly can't keep a large deity such as yourself."

    Elder Qin's expression changed. "President!"

    "Do you still have further matters, Elder Qin?" The president looked coldly at Elder Qin, whose expression changed.

    He was long dissatisfied with Elder Qin. Not only was he just a tiny elder, he had attempted to climb over his head a couple of times already. The president could take this opportunity to purge the Pill Assembly. Moreover, he could also make Wu Yu owe him a favour.

    To be honest, even if they constantly fought, Elder Qin was incomparable to old man Wu Yu in the president's heart. Not to mention their previous relationship, there was also the part where Mu Ru Yue became the owner of the Phoenix Furnace.

    "I will be withdrawing then." Elder Qin's complexion ashened. He didn't even look back at the president as he left.

    Seeing his departing figure, Elder Flame frowned. "President, you should have known of Elder Qin's actions during this period of time. He wanted your position. If you were to chase him out like this, he will be unsatisfied and think of ways to seek trouble for the Pill Assembly."

    "If he really did that, then it isn't necessary to keep him here."
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