Chapter 108 – An Acquaintance-like Person’s Arrival Part 4

    Chapter 108 - An Acquaintance-like Person's Arrival Part 4

    The president chuckled. He stroked his beard and looked at this old fellow, Wu Yu. "Let's not continue talking about that. Old fellow Wu Yu, when you lost to me that year, I know you thought I had won with dishonorable methods so you were also unwilling to compete against me again. As such, I had planned to let our younger generations compete instead. Currently, I can't help but sigh as your disciple really is more outstanding than my grandson."

    This time, the president lost with complete satisfaction. How could he not after that little girl was acknowledged by the Phoenix Furnace as its owner?

    "That's certain." Wu Yu complacently stroked his white beard. "My disciple is naturally outstanding. What? Old fellow, are you planning to get her? I must tell you that my disciple already has a fiance, and he interacts really well with her. They should be getting married in a few months time. Even though I wish for my disciple to find the most outstanding husband, if she likes him, then I will be happy for her as her master."

    Hearing that, the president couldn't help but be stunned. "So she already has a fiance. It seems that my grandson no longer has the chance. That's right; even though your disciple is at the Earth Stage Mid Rank level, the knowledge she possesses is actually above ours. I really am doubtful that you, this old man, is really her master."

    Wu Yu's face reddened as he also felt this was strange since he hadn't taught her some of those stuff. But then, could she understand them so clearly? This disciple was really too intelligent as she just needed some time to master them. Thus, he no longer taught her alchemy, but just guided her in her martial training.

    "Old fellow, what do you mean? If I am not her master, are you?"

    "Alright, alright, alright! I don't want to bicker with you. Since my grandson no longer stands a chance, I want to invite her as a recorded elder of my Pill Assembly. She won't be under any restriction, but she will enjoy the power of being an elder of the Pill Assembly.

    Wu Yu became silent. If she became a recorded elder, then the benefits weren't bad as she would no longer need to dread over a lack of medicinal plants.

    "I will head over to discuss this with her. You should know that my disciple has always been independent. I, as her master, also shouldn't restrict her too much. She has her own thoughts. No matter what her decisions are, I will always support her."

    But since that old man Wu Yu didn't object, this matter should succeed.

    The president smiled with satisfaction. "I shall await your good news then. That's right; you should know that the Phoenix Furnace from our Pill Assembly has been contracted by your precious disciple, so that means it's only reasonable for her to become an elder of my Pill Assembly."

    Wu Yu glared at him. "I also heard about this matter before coming here. Why do I feel that you were tricking my disciple? You want to restrict her with the Phoenix Furnace? But if my disciple isn't willing, I want to see how you force her into accepting that position."

    The others could see the pride in Wu Yu's eyes, even as he said that.

    The Phoenix Furnace was truly a great object. It was an ancestor's treasure for the Pill Assembly. It was rumoured that it was waiting for someone destined for it to appear. Never in his dreams did he think that the genuine owner of the Phoenix Furnace would be his own disciple.

    How could Wu Yu not be excited upon seeing the Pill Assembly suffer a loss. The Phoenix Furnace was a treasure of the Pill Assembly!

    Yet, it wasn't easy to decide if this was truly a loss as the president believed that this was a beneficial business. It was useless to keep the Phoenix Furnace at the Pill Assembly. Giving it to Mu Ru Yue might mean they obtained her good feelings toward the Pill Assembly.

    Her future was immeasurable due to her being the owner of the Phoenix Furnace.
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