Chapter 124 – The Ghost King Is The One That Hides The Deepest

    Chapter 124 - The Ghost King Is The One That Hides The Deepest


    Ji Ru Ya looked at the man before her. His gaze conveyed his deep affection, causing her own eyes to begin exuding tenderness. If she could die with her cousin, then she would be completely satisfied with her life.

    Yet, the two's conversation and heedless display of affection, as though no one was even around them, had completely enraged the Emperor of Zi Yue. With flames of anger in his eyes, he shouted in fury, "Slut, it looks like you have already betrayed Us long ago! Somebody, seize these two cheating bastards!"

    Nobody would feel good being cheated on.

    The Emperor of Zi Yue didn't expect that Imperial Consort Ya, the one whom he had always been doting upon dearly, had a relationship with his personal guard. What's more, the two still held feelings toward each other! Even in death, his woman can only be buried with him. He wouldn't permit anyone to cheat on him.

    Ji Ru Ya slowly shut her eyes as she awaited death. Yet, she didn't feel the pain that she had anticipated after a long time. She cracked open her beautiful eyes. At that instant, a snow-white piece of clothing entered her sight.

    Mu Ru Yue had raised her sword to block that guard's attack. She spoke to Ji Ru Ya without turning her head back to look at her, "Lady Ya, leave with your cousin first. I can handle this alone."

    "But...." Ji Ru Ya hesitated.

    "Quickly!" Mu Ru Ye still didn't look back and continued saying coldly, "You will only distract me by being here. Furthermore, take Wu Chen with you as well. Don't worry. They can't do anything to me."


    Just as Ji Ru Ya wanted to say something, she was quickly lifted by her cousin by her waist. The rest of her words were stuck in her throat.

    "Ya Er, what Lady Mu said is right. We will only distract her by staying here. Let's leave first. Nothing will happen to her."

    A layer of worry was still displayed on Ji Ru Ya's face. After keeping silent for a while, she turned her head toward Ye Wu Chen. "Ghost King, please leave with us."

    Ye Wu Chen didn't say anything and just stared at Mu Ru Yue.

    His usually clear and untarnished eyes looked as deep as the night now, making it unfathomable for anyone to know what he was thinking. Ji Ru Ya was slightly startled when she looked at the current Ye Wu Chen.

    Even though she wasn't acquainted with the Ghost King, she had seen him a few times. The man she had seen was a fool with an immature mentality. Yet this current him didn't bear the slightest resemblance of a fool.

    Moreover, if she didn't sense wrongly, killing intent was ... surging out from the Ghost King's body.

    "Cousin, let's go." Ji Ru Ya tightly gripped that man's hand. With a slight ray of light in her eyes, she continued, "Let's leave to seek assistance. I remember that the relationship between the mister from the Kingdom's protector general Manor and Mu Ru Yue is great. He has also helped her recruit many experts. We can only help her by leaving. As for the Ghost King....."

    Ji Ru Ya looked deeply at Ye Wu Chen. At this moment, she discovered that this man was shrouded in mystery.

    "He should also be fine."

    She suddenly had a feeling that the outer appearance of the Ghost King deceived too many people. Perhaps he was the one that hid the deepest in this royal family.

    "Somebody, stop them!" The Emperor of Zi Yue immediately ordered when he saw that Ji Ru Ya wanted to escape

    Who knew that before those people could reach Ji Ru Ya, they would be decapitated with the flash of a couple of sword rays?

    "Yan Jin!"

    Following Mu Ru Yue's call, a small black beast rushed over from outside the palace walls. Under the gaze of the crowd, the small beast's body was enclosed in a layer of black fog. After the black fog slowly dissipated, a black clothed man appeared standing in the void....
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