Chapter 127 – The Death Of The Experts From The Saintess Sect

    Chapter 127 - The Death Of The Experts From The Saintess Sect

    "Younger sister!" The white haired beauty was alarmed and wanted to assist her biological younger sister, but was hindered by Yan Jin. She slowly became increasingly frantic. Hong! She struck a palm towards Yan Jin.

    How could she be able to get out of Yan Jin's offensive zone with his strength? The white haired beauty initially wanted to stop Yan Jin from saving Mu Ru Yue. Now it was the opposite.

    Beneath the sunset, Ye Wu Chen looked sinisterly at the black haired beauty who expressed fear. Swish! He withdrew a purple long sword

    The instant Mu Ru Yue, who stood behind him, saw that purple sword, her entire body slightly shuddered.

    "Silver mask!"

    That previous silver masked man was Ye Wu Chen!

    No wonder he had given her such a familiar feeling. It was laughable for her to be oblivious of Ye Wu Chen who had always been by her side. Mu Ru Yue's heart was confused at this moment as she didn't know what she should treat Ye Wu Chen as.

    That facade of a pure young man that called her elder sister, or this powerful and charming man? Which side of him was his genuine personality...

    "You... stop right there!"

    The black haired beauty became very frightened as she watched Ye Wu Chen come closer to her. She retreated a couple of steps back and, with a face expressing fear, she pleaded, "If you let me go, I promise that I won't spread any of the matters that happened today. You can continue pretending to be a fool and there will definitely not be a soul that would suspect you. Otherwise, if the news about you pretending to be a fool is leaked, the sect leader will definitely not let you go scot free."

    Ye Wu Chen lifted his head slightly. A charming smile appeared on his divine face. His purple clothing fluttered without wind as an intense aura rose from his surroundings.

    Seeing such an asura-like man, the black haired beauty shuddered more vigorously. A purple ray of light flashed before she could continue her begging, resulting in blood spluttering out from her throat.

    She had never expected that she would die beneath the hands of a man that hadn't even reached the age of 20 as she passed away.

    "No!" When the white haired beauty saw the death of her younger sister, her eyes subconsciously turned red. With a heart wrenching holler, her moves became increasingly disarrayed.


    Yan jin struck his palm on her chest. The white haired beauty's body soared like a kite with broken strings as she landed heavily among the crowd. Blood flowed profusely from her mouth, quickly dying her white hair red.

    Her gaze remained focused on the black haired beauty, boundless sorrow in her eyes.

    If it wasn't for her initial greed for power, she wouldn't have enticed her younger sister to join the Saintess Sect with her. At the Saintess Sect, they were just playthings of the sect leader.

    Thinking about that man, the white haired beauty smiled.

    That man was so tyrannically powerful that she fell in love with him. Yet, he was so ruthless and unfeeling. No matter who it was, he didn't fall in love with anyone as his heart was only filled with profit and benefits.

    He would whole-heartedly plot to snatch any talented virgin into the Saintess Sect. After soaking them in medicinal baths for a month, he would use their body to increase his power. But, he would only use that woman once and never twice.

    The one she had let down the most in her life was her younger sister. If it wasn't for her reluctance to leave the sect leader, her younger sister wouldn't have paid such a price.

    Even the heavens wouldn't be able to tolerate the misdoings of humans.

    "Hahaha!" The white haired beauty laughed madly. While she laughed, tears flowed down her face. "Ghost King, I advise you not to oppose the Saintess Sect. The sect consists of numerous secrets. Yet, I shall still tell you this. Your fiancee's body constitution is rather special, so the sect leader definitely won't give up on her. The sect leader, however, just wants her virgin body. If she isn't a virgin, she won't be of any use to the sect leader."
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