Chapter 144 – The Miserable Outcome of Mu Yi Xue Part 3

    Chapter 144-The Miserable Outcome of Mu Yi Xue Part 3

    "Retribution?" Mu Ru Yue coldly chuckled. She continued with a mocking smile, "Have you heard of this saying? Wrecking other's marriage is a great sin. Who do you think the retribution will land on first?"

    Mu Yi Xue glared fiercely at Mu Ru Yue as she quibbled, "I only want to serve His Highness and become his second wife. I never thought of ruining your marriage."

    Seeing Mu Yi Xue's appearance that was similar to a stupid pig that wasn't afraid of being boiled, Mu Ru Yue felt a little helpless. This girl had been spoiled rotten by Mu Qing since young so whatever her actions, she couldn't be bothered about the consequences. Ye Wu Chen had obviously indicated that he didn't want any second wife, but she actually still brought that topic up.

    "Xue Er!" Mu Qing's expression changed drastically as he hastily explained, "Your Highness, please forgive Xue Er on behalf of her ignorance due to her being young."

    "Ignorance due to being young?" Ye Wu Chen glanced sinisterly at him. There was a layer of haze covering his handsome face. "Mu Yi Xue is only two years younger than Mu Er and is still ignorant due to her age? Since she wants to become a concubine so badly, Ben Wang will make the decision for her. She is to wed the kingdom's protector general's deputy, Wang Bo, as his concubine."

    "No!" Mu Yi Xue shrieked. She, the bonafide young mistress of the Mu family, was to become a concubine to a deputy general? Moreover, according to the rumours Wang Bo had been disfigured since young. Not only did he look ugly, but he was also a muscle brain that wouldn't understand how to treat girls with care.

    Wouldn't this be forcing her to die if she were to become his concubine?

    "Hehe! Your Highness, don't worry. Wang Bo is my father's subordinate. I will complete this task to perfection." A trace of pity was expressed from Li Lu's eyes as he looked at Mu Yi Xue.

    Wang Bo had two concubines. There were rumours that stated they had been tortured by him to death while doing bed matters. Who knew if this young mistress of the Mu family could survive half a year....

    "Da, Daddy, save me! Quickly save me! I don't want to wed a freak. I don't want to!"

    "Your Highness, this..."

    Mu Qing wanted to beg for mercy, but before he could speak a pressure came crashing down on him, silencing him. He could only watch on as Mu Yi Xue was dragged away by Li Lu.

    Furthermore, Mu Yi Xue's outcome was definitely much worse than those concubines that had been tortured to death.

    Before entering the manor, her cultivation had been scrapped by a black clothed man, thus she became a trash. During their wedding night, Wang Bo discovered that she was no longer a virgin, so he left the scene in fury. Henceforth, whenever he was displeased with something, he would viciously torture her. Mu Yi Xue now had an appearance that was neither that of a human's nor a ghost within just half a month.

    Mu family members weren't allowed to visit Mu Yi Xue under the order of the Ghost King, so it was useless for Mu Yi Xue to call upon the heavens and earth for help. She could only withstand Wang Bo's inhuman torture.

    In comparison to Mu Yi Xue's misery, Mu Ru Yue entered closed door training after they left. Finally, she broke through to become a Sixth Stage Martial practitioner after a month. Even though there still wasn't any breakthrough in her alchemy, she did become much more familiar with it. As of today, she could manufacture one hundred Earth Stage Mid Rank Pills in one go.

    This could be counted as a remarkable improvement.

    During Mu Ru Yue's training period, the imperial power had already been completely dealt with. The Emperor of Zi Yue was abolished under the order of Elder Zhao, and the throne landed upon the sickly Ninth Prince, Ye Luo Ya. But this didn't have any relation with Mu Ru Yue. Currently, she was focused on improving her power as rapidly as possible so that she would be able to walk alongside that man...
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