Chapter 153 – Arrogant and Despotic Xiao Min Part 2

    Chapter 153 - Arrogant and Despotic Xiao Min Part 2

    "Young mistress?" Yin Huan looked astonished at Xiao Min. "Young mistress, weren't you only curious about him? Why do you want to marry him now?"

    Xiao Min's gaze was still dazed. It was as though she hadn't sobered from the previous matter.

    "Yin Huan, don't you think that motion he made when he tossed us out looked so manly? Moreover, that man was really handsome. I've seen many people in Sheng Domain, but none of them looked as great as him. More importantly, did you see his eyes when he looked at that bitch? It was so gentle, as though water might flow. I believe that I will definitely be blissful if I were to marry such a guy..."

    "But, young mistress..."

    Yin Huan's following words were cut off by Xiao Min's voice.

    "Yin Huan, I know what you are trying to say. It will be hard for him to move his feelings, judging from the gaze he had towards that bitch. However, have you forgotten what that bitch's elder sister, Mu Ting Er, told me yesterday? That bitch has a sinister heart and will do anything to reach her goals. She also doesn't truly love the Ghost King. Even her elder sister couldn't stand her actions.

    "I also heard that her brother-in-law, Crown Prince Jing, had previously loved her elder sister. It was due to this girl's intrusion and words, however, that made the crown prince abandon his oath to pass the main wife position to Mu Ting Er. It resulted in Mu Ting Er becoming only a concubine..."

    Saying that, Xiao Min expressed disdain. "Mu Ting Er had always treated her so well, but she in return treated her that way. She even stole her elder sister's lover. Following that, she coincidentally found out about the Ghost King's secret. She then stuck herself to that tall pillar while he pretended to be a fool, dumping Crown Prince Jing in the process. What is so good about a fickle minded girl that goes around attracting guys to herself? She can't be comparable to me. I won't be like her and fall for one after another after all."

    Suddenly, when she thought about that man's charming appearance, her eyes gained a trace of a lovestruck appearance.

    Only she could be compatible with such a guy.

    She would be satisfied if she could receive his gentleness...

    "What the young mistress said is right." Yin Huan nodded her head as she continued with disdain, "Once the Ghost King knows her true face, he will definitely feel she is a sinister girl and that the young mistress is the most outstanding. That girl only has a good appearance. There's nothing else about her that can be compared to young mistress. Young mistress, what shall we do now?"

    Glimmers danced in Xiao Min's eyes. "Yin Huan, you are to make a trip back to Sheng Domain."

    "What?" Yin Huan was stunned for a moment as she looked at Xiao Min, lost.

    "Silly! I, of course, want you to head back to tell grandfather that I have fallen in love with a man. Tell him that I want him to help me propose this marriage. I will stay here for the time being. I don't believe that, after interacting with me, that man won't fall for me." Xiao Min pursed her lips, her face displaying her confidence.

    She had sufficient confidence that this man would fall into her hands.

    Yin Huan nodded as though she understood. "Young mistress, your servant will head back to Sheng Domain first then."

    "Go back, hide from the young head of the Xiao family and Madam Sheng Yue. Secondly, don't tell anyone my current location. The head and young madam dislike me. If they find out that I am doing things with the Xiao family's name again, they will most likely dispatch people to bring me back."

    She clearly knew that Madam Sheng Yue disliked her, especially when she self-proclaimed herself to be Madam Sheng Yue's adopted daughter.

    Yet, Xiao Min overestimated herself. If Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue knew what she was doing, they wouldn't settle for something as easy as bringing her back. They would most likely dismiss her grandfather and chop her into countless little pieces...
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