Chapter 160 – Challenge Part 3

    Chapter 160 - Challenge Part 3


    This man was a devil!

    Xiao Min finally knew fear, but she still wasn't satisfied. How could she, a bonafide young mistress of the Xiao family, not be comparable to an ordinary girl? What part of her was lacking, excluding her looks.

    No matter if it were her identity, status, or even talent, she was definitely much better than that girl. As the young mistress of the Xiao family, she had been undergoing training since her childhood.


    The lips of the man parted slightly, and the word 'scram' made Xiao Min's body shudder more vigorously. She looked with disbelief at the man that didn't know how to care for a lady.

    Was his gentleness only reserved for that woman?

    She couldn't stand it. She really couldn't!

    Xiao Min clenched her small fist tightly. Her pale lips quivered. When had she failed to get what she wanted since young? It would definitely be the same this time.

    This man's appearance and talent were outstanding so she definitely had to marry him!

    Ye Wu Chen coldly looked at Xiao Min's pale face. There wasn't a sliver of pity in him. He continued with gloomy indifference, "Ben Wang will spare your life this time, for the name of the Xiao family. However, if there is a second time, then even if you are from the Xiao family, Ben Wang will make you disappear to get rid of future problems."

    Even though he said it was due to the name of the Xiao family, it was actually for Mu Ru Yue.

    Mu Ru Yue had a great relationship with Madam Sheng Yue. Even though Madam Sheng Yue didn't acknowledge Xiao Min, this girl was still a part of the Xiao family. Otherwise, Ye Wu Chen definitely wouldn't of let her off with what she'd said tonight.

    Seeing the departing purple clothes, Xiao Min laughed madly. "Mu Ru Yue, you are just an ordinary person. What right do you have for him to treat you like this. I won't let you off!"

    Xiao Min gritted her teeth in anger as she said that word by word.

    A light suddenly flashed past her eyes, as though she'd thought of an idea...


    "Mu Ru Yue, get the hell out!"

    A lovable voice soared through the heavens at the Mu residence the next morning, instantly attracting many people's attention. Following that, Mu Ru Yue, dressed plainly, stepped out of the door under the gaze of the crowd.

    When Xiao Min saw that remarkable appearance, she secretly gritted her teeth, nearly resulting in her teeth breaking. She clenched her small fist tightly before sneering at her love rival's face and challenged, "Mu Ru Yue, I want to duel you. Do you have the guts to accept it?"

    Mu Ru Yue lifted her brows and looked at Xiao Min calmly. "You want to duel me?"

    "That's right." Xiao Min lifted her snow white jaw as she continued arrogantly. "If I win, you must give the Ghost King to me."

    "If... I win?"

    "Haha! That's impossible!" Xiao Min chuckled as her beautiful eyes locked on Mu Ru Yue. "You definitely can't beat me!"

    Xiao Min was counted as a talent within the Xiao family, so she was confident that she would be victorious against this girl.

    This girl was just an ordinary girl without any family's backing and nurturing. How could she defeat her? If she herself couldn't defeat such an ordinary girl, then how could she have the face to continue living in Sheng Domain?

    "You sure?" Mu Ru Yue's brows raised as she asked with a smile that was like a smile yet not a smile.

    Xiao Min snorted. "Mu Ru Yue, if you have any guts, then accept my challenge. Since I believe you know you will lose against me and, as such, won't accept this duel, then this missy won't force you. You're such a coward. However, you must leave the Ghost King from now on. He isn't someone you are worthy of."
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