Chapter 198 – Who Exactly Are You? Part 4

    Chapter 198- Who Exactly Are You? Part 4

    "What else could it be about if not those old fellows?" Madam Sheng Yue raised her brows slightly. "I planned to break the rules and open the sacred spirit spring for you in order to let you enter and train. Who knew that those few old fellows would have some objections? The sacred spirit spring should only be opened once every three years. If we were to break the rules, we would require two Xiantian experts."

    She paused for a moment before saying, "The biggest objection is that this way is very unfair to others, so those few old fellows aren't willing to open the sacred spirit spring right now. I wanted to hear Yue Er's opinion. If you want to enter the sacred spirit spring, mother will definitely find a way to send you in."

    Mu Ru Yue frowned slightly. "I am really interested in the sacred spirit spring, but if the Xiao family breaks the rules for me, isn't that too unreasonable? The elders' opinions aren't illogical."

    Madam Sheng Yue had been treating her really well. She didn't want to burden her with this matter.

    "Yue Er, there is another method." Madam Sheng Yue held Mu Ru Yue's hand and pulled her along to sit before the stage. She smiled elegantly. "The Xiao family has allowed you to proclaim your ancestry. Following that, it will be the bloodline test. If your bloodline test result is extremely high, it should make those old fellows hold their tongues."

    "Bloodline test?" Mu Ru Yue raised her brows questioningly.

    "Let me explain." Xiao Tian Yu stood up and walked to Mu Ru Yue's side with light steps. "In large families, the intensity of the bloodline is an extremely important issue. Our Xiao family chooses the family head by their bloodline. If your bloodline intensity is really high, you will possess an extremely high status in the Xiao family. There wouldn't be anyone that rejects anything you say. Of course, you are also grandfather's hope. In our Xiao family's new generation, the one who has the greatest bloodline intensity is your elder brother, Xiao Feng. His bloodline intensity has reached 80%."

    He didn't know if this daughter of his would exceed that brat.

    Glimmers of light danced in Xiao Tian Yu's eyes. He was extremely curious regarding this...

    "Alright, when will the test be held?"



    Mu Ru Yue rubbed her jaws in thought before nodding in agreement. "I will head back to prepare for it then."

    She was also really interested in the intensity of the bloodline that she'd inherited...

    After leaving the main hall, Mu Ru Yue didn't make any detours and headed straight back to her room. Who knew that once she entered, she would see Yan Jin and Ye Wu Chen fighting in her room.

    Electricity seemed to flow from their bodies.

    When Ye Wu Chen saw Mu Ru Yue arrive, he smiled and said, "Mu Er, you're back?"

    "Ye Wu Chen!" Yan Jin looked domineeringly at the man before him. "I will ask you one more time: Who is that girl called Luo Yi?"

    "I have already told you. We are just friends."

    Ye Wu Chen frowned as he looked impatiently at Yan Jin. With a sinister light in his black eyes, he smiled slightly. "If you don't believe me, then there is nothing I can do about it."

    "You..." Yan Jin was so angered that he tossed a punch at the wall to the side. "It can't be that you didn't see how terrible that girl's attitude was toward the little girl?"

    Ye Wu Chen swept a gaze at Yan Jin, but didn't say anything. Just as Yan Jin wanted to say something, Mu Ru Yue's calm voice came from the side. "Yan Jin, please leave for a moment."

    "Little girl?" Yan Jin looked in disbelief at Mu Ru Yue. Seeing how protective she was of this man, he felt really unhappy. With a trace of displeasure on his handsome face, he rebuked, "Little girl, if he doesn't clarify what happened today, I won't go out!"
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