Chapter 202 – Bloodline Test Part 2

    Chapter 202 - Bloodline Test Part 2

    "Since you have come, let us begin the test."

    An unfamiliar voice spoke before them.

    It was just then that Mu Ru Yue saw an elder sitting beside Old Man Xiao. This elder had a strict expression, his gaze imposing. His white clothes didn't hide his nobility in the slightest.

    Mu Ru Yue could feel that this old man was much stronger than Old Man Xiao with just a glance.

    "Mu Er." Madam Sheng Yue walked up to stand beside Mu Ru Yue and, with a gentle smile, introduced them, "I will introduce you to the person in charge of testing the bloodline of the Xiao family. You may address him as Elder Xiao. He is also a founding elder of the Xiao family. He was the most trusted person of your great-grandfather while he still lived. For the past many years, this elder does not normally appear before the family, nor does he concern himself with worldly affairs.  He only comes to test the bloodlines of the Xiao family."

    Madam Sheng Yue rarely introduced someone with so much detail. In addition, there was also a trace of respect in her tone. This sparked Mu Ru Yue interest in him.

    "Elder Xiao." Mu Ru Yue shifted her gaze to the elder and greeted him gently.

    The old man nodded his head softly before taking out a white stone from the storage ring on his finger. The stone was half the size of his palm. He placed it before him and instructed, "You just need to drip your blood on this stone."

    'That simple?'

    Mu Ru Yue walked forward, took out a knife from her storage ring, and nicked her finger slightly. Blood slowly dripped from the cut onto the stone.

    Once the blood had landed on the stone and was absorbed by it, red light filled the entire stone.

    The crowd sucked in their breath as they stared at the stone before Mu Ru Yue,

    Normally, the red light within the stone started off pale and gradually intensified as time passed. Yet, for this test, the stone was immediately blood red, even from afar.

    The radiance of the blood-red light was exceptionally beautiful.



    Nobody could bear to look away from the stone as they watched anxiously.

    It rapidly reached 60%... This would already be deemed passable to the Xiao family. However, that red light's intensity didn't stop. The radiance continued to intensify and fill the entire stone at breakneck speed.

    "Yue Er!" Madam Sheng Yue gripped Mu Ru Yue's hand. From the beginning, she had already decided that no matter what her test result was, she would still obtain a high position in the Xiao family for her daughter.

    Yet, at this moment, she became nervous...

    The bloodline test did not only represent one's position in the Xiao family. The intensity of the bloodline was also related to the Xiao family inheritance.

    The bloodline inheritance requirement was rather high. Even Xiao Feng, who currently possessed the highest bloodline intensity, hadn't yet met that prerequisite.

    Even with a bloodline test result of 80%....

    As time passed, everyone's face underwent a change as they looked in disbelief at the stone. The red light had already filled 80% of the stone.

    80% was what the eldest young master Xiao Feng had reached...

    Yet that red light still didn't stop.


    Elder Xiao stood up as he stared transfixed at the stone.

    The red light had filled up the... the entire stone.

    He was stupefied and took a great deal of time to come back to his senses. After a long while, laugher soared to the sky. "Haha! My Xiao family finally has a 100% pure bloodline inheritor. I haven't let our ancestors down!"
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