Chapter 212 – You Are Wu Chen, Right? Part 1

    Chapter 212- You Are Wu Chen, Right? Part 1

    "Mu Ru Yue, since I can't have elder brother Zi Huang, I won't let anyone else have him!"

    Nangong Zi Feng laughed brazenly. Who could imagine how much heartache she'd suffered over the years? She couldn't help but want to destroy their happiness as she looked at them so in love with each other. Their cute little boy also looked almost identical to elder brother Zi Huang... That cute little boy was the product of her beloved man with another girl, so even if she hadn't used him to disrupt their focus, she still wouldn't have let him off.

    Mu Ru Yue looked emotionlessly at Nangong Zi Feng.

    How venomous must she be to inhibit others from obtaining what she couldn't get? It was a pity...

    "I don't know what you are talking about, nor do I know any Zi Huang. I already have a fiance."

    That man was someone she loathed to hurt the most and was also the one she would mutually protect and love for life. She didn't care about her previous life. The one she would solely recognized was only Ye Wu Chen in her life.

    Nangong Zi Feng sniggered. "Mu Ru Yue, I don't blame you for not remembering the past, but you must die today! I won't let anyone come between elder brother Zi Huang and me. I will constantly stay by his side until he accepts me, but only if you aren't here..."

    After saying that, her body moved in a flash toward Mu Ru Yue.

    Instantly, an unforgiving aura permeated the area, covering the entire courtyard...

    "Mid Rank Xiantian!"

    There was a slight change in Yan Jin's expression as he hastily stood before Mu Ru Yue, protecting her. He no longer restrained his aura as he received Nangong Zi Feng's attack.


    The surrounding trees fell over, dust and dirt rising up, covering the night view.

    What was odd was that even though there was such a large commotion, no one from the Nangong family dispatched people to investigate. It was so quiet, as though they were the only ones in the entire family manor now...

    Nangong Zi Feng's gaze shot to the black-clothed Yan Jin. The chill in her eyes intensified. "Mu Ru Yue, no matter if it's the past or present, you always have so many guys around you. Initially, you also had Bai Ze. Bai Ze loved you wholeheartedly, and your relationship with him was so good. How can a slut like you acquire elder brother's deep love? It's normal for a man to have more than one wife and several concubines, but as a woman, we should keep a distance from other men. I haven't even glanced at any other man after all these years."

    If... if only elder brother Zi Huang had accepted taking in a concubine, perhaps that year's matter wouldn't have occurred.

    She hadn't hoped to gain the main wife's position. She hadn't even cared about having the adopted daughter's identity of the Zi family. She just wanted to serve him. Why was he not willing to give her even a single glance?

    "I will say this again. I am only Ye Wu Chen's fiance. What does Zi Huang have to do with me? No matter what happened in the past, I am now his woman."

    Mu Ru Yue's gaze chilled. It wasn't that she didn't know that love could make people crazy, but it was her first time seeing anyone affected to Nangong Zi Feng's extent.

    Because of her obsession, she was now suffering this unwarranted calamity.

    She already had someone she wanted to marry, so she had no intention of snatching this elder brother Zi Huang from her. She, Mu Ru Yue, just needed one man, and that was Ye Wu Chen.

    Nangong Zi Feng chuckled mirthlessly before hurling her tyrannical power that covered the heavens and earth toward Mu Ru Yue.


    Then Yan Jin's large hand was there, colliding with her power.
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