Chapter 227 – Medicine Sect’s Large Event Part 1

    Chapter 227- Medicine Sect's Large Event Part 1

    A lot of alchemists had come to participate in the large event of the Medicine Sect. According to the rules of the large event, everyone had to wear the crest with their rank on it. When the others saw Mu Ru Yue enter with a mere Human Stage Mid Rank crest, several looked disdainfully at her.

    Human Stage Mid Rank alchemist?

    What did she think this place was? A Human Stage Mid Rank Alchemist had the face to participate in this large event by the Medicine Sect?

    But at a glance, Mu Ru Yue saw a familiar person...


    Mu Ru Yue exclaimed in delight. She didn't expect to see this old man here.

    Upon  hearing the familiar voice, Wu Yu turned his head toward the door. When he saw Mu Ru Yue standing at the entrance, a smile appeared on that elderly face. "I accurately guessed that you, little fella, will come to join in the fun."


    The crowd was stunned. This little girl was Wu Yu's disciple.

    "Wu Yu, since when have you had a disciple?" A cynical voice sounded from one side. "I thought that your eyes wouldn't be able to fancy anyone. I didn't expect that you would take in a disciple. It's a pity that your disciple's ability doesn't seem to be great. She is almost 17 and is still only at the Human Stage Mid Rank. Haha!"

    Wu Yu's elderly face darkened as he glanced at the grey robed elder who spoke. He didn't explain anything and instead just walked toward Mu Ru Yue. He chuckled. "Little girl, since you have come, head in with us."

    After he said that, he saw Ye Wu Chen standing behind Mu Ru Yue.

    The man had an ordinary appearance, yet his strong and noble aura made it obvious that he wasn't someone to be trifled with. Moreover, Wu Yu had a feeling that this man was perhaps much stronger than him...

    From the start, the man had been looking with deep affection toward his precious disciple. It was as though she were the only one in his eyes. This made the old man curious as to who he was.

    More importantly, with old man Wu Yu's alchemy level, how could he not know that this man had consumed a disguise pill...

    The protector quickly entered from outside. Even with his identity as the protector of the Medicine Sect, he didn't dare to slight those few revered alchemists. He softened his attitude and said, "To all grand masters, the large event of the Medicine Sect will be starting. I will bring you to the Medicine Sect first ."

    The crowd nodded and stood from their seat.

    The location of the Medicine Sect was rather desolate as it took over an entire mountain. There were countless magic arrays in the mountain, and without a guide from the Medicine Sect, it would have been impossible to find their way to the sect.

    Mu Ru Yue quietly analysed the magic arrays in her surroundings as she walked beside Wu Yu. At this moment, Wu Yu's elderly voice was heard.

    "Little girl, do you know the reason this large event is being held?"

    Mu Ru Yue shook her head and looked toward Wu Yu. "What?"

    "Hehe!" Wu Yu stroke his white beard and chuckled. "It is due to the illness of the young sect master of the Medicine Sect. His physique has always been bad since he was young. They have sought several alchemists, but every one failed. Thus, the head of the Medicine Sect spoke and invited all of the powerful alchemists in the Sheng Domain and the outside world to participate in this event. Whoever saves the young sect master of the Medicine Sect would be included in the quota of people heading to the Central region."

    "Central Region?" Mu Ru Yue was moved.

    "That's right." Wu Yu nodded. "That Central Region is where the genuine experts aim to be. Here, a Xiantian expert is already very powerful, but they are nothing to the Central Region. More importantly, the Central Region has their own rules. Nobody from the outside can enter the Central Region unless they have reached the Xiantian High Rank level. Of course, other than that, there is another way, which is to get a decree tablet from a power in the Central Region..."
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