Chapter 253 – Grand Wedding With Congratulations From All Directions Part 2

    Chapter 253 - Grand Wedding With Congratulations From All Directions Part 2

    What Mu Ru Yue had cared about the most was that adorable little child; therefore, Nangong Zi Feng had amputated all of his limbs in their previous life. That woman wouldn't have met her demise under heaven's calamity if she had not seen the pitiful state of her adorable son.

    It didn't matter even though she had lost her memories, she wouldn't be able to abandon that brat, with their bond as mother and son.

    "Mu Ru Yue, I've said he would be my man sooner or later! I won't let you two stay together unless you don't care about that brat's life!"

    A trace of malevolence flashed in Nangong Zi Feng's eyes as she smiled.

    That girl wasn't suited to be an expert, because she cared too much about the people around her. In her previous life, she had lost her life due to the Zi family and her child. Now, she would meet the same end in this life.


    The Xiao family naturally didn't know what was happening on Nangong Zi Feng's side. At this moment, the Xiao family was preparing for Ye Wu Chen and Mu Ru Yue's wedding. Guests from all around the continent gathered in Xiao City as the wedding day neared.

    What position did the Xiao family hold in Sheng Domain? Just getting an invitation from the Xiao family was an acknowledgement of the invited people's strength, so every power that received the invitation had the qualifications to be proud of themselves.

    For example, the Wu family of South Island...

    Some big families which disdained the Wu family in South Island had come hastily to pay them a visit and give them gifts after knowing about it. They were even willing to be the guards of the head of the Wu family in order to gain the right to enter the Xiao family of Sheng Domain.

    Since every family clan could only bring ten guards with them, the greedy Wu Xin organized an auction to sell the positions. Those originally arrogant noblemen fought with all their might to obtain a position to be his guard, to the point that heads broke and blood flowed.

    Seeing such a sight, Wu Xin became incredibly complacent. Even though he didn't know how he got into contact with the Xiao family, who in South Island would look down on him?

    They could only flatter and curry up to him now...

    "Xue Er, the day for the marriage of the eldest young mistress of the Xiao family is nearing. We should head out now." Wu Xin chuckled complacently. His status had been increasing rapidly ever since he obtained a connection with the Xiao family. Who in South Island would dare to underestimate him?

    Wu Qing Xue bit her lips lightly and lowered her head.

    At this moment, the image of Xiao Feng's handsome and cold appearance entered her mind. That man indeed looked really great. His appearance beat her fiance's by several folds. Otherwise, she wouldn't have fallen in love. It was a pity he was a trash that couldn't cultivate. Her father wouldn't permit her to marry him and she also wasn't willing to roam the streets without a stable home.

    She knew that if she were to really elope with him, her father wouldn't forgive her. Similarly, she would be bullied often as that man didn't have the strength to protect her.

    Her heart throbbed violently in pain as she thought about that. It would have been great if he wasn't a trash. She didn't wish he had an outstanding talent. It would suffice for her if he could just protect her. If that was the case, she would have dared to elope with him.

    "Are you still thinking about that man?" Wu Xin glanced at his daughter and snorted coldly. "He has the same surname Xiao but the disparity between him and the Xiao family is too great. He is just a trash. He isn't worthy, for you to keep thinking about him. That's right, your fiance Lin Yue will also be accompanying us. You should take advantage of this period of time to develop feelings with him."

    Wu Qing Xue lowered her gaze slightly and nodded. "Father, your daughter understands. Your daughter has already given up on him that day, so she won't continue to think about him."

    The reason her father said he wouldn't be from the Xiao family even when he had the same surname was because it was impossible for a trash to appear in the Xiao family. If he were to be from that power, perhaps they would be together...
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