Chapter 306 – Inheritance Part 5

    Chapter 306 - Inheritance Part 5

    "If there is a chance, I will make a trip to the Xiao family." Mu Ru Yue nodded her agreement.

    The path of cultivation didn't possess a limit. The stronger the person was, the longer their life span would be. Hence, if those people had made breakthroughs to the next realm, they would still be able to live a couple hundred years more.

    It was a pity that Elder Xiao's life was reaching its end. He wouldn't be able to live more than just a couple of days.

    "But." With a thought, Mu Ru Yue smiled. "Elder Xiao, I think you will be even more excited to personally see the greatly remorseful faces of those Xiao family members that had chased the old ancestor out."

    Elder Xiao was stunned and shook his head helplessly. "It is impossible for me to wait until that time."

    "No! You can!" Mu Ru Yue lifted her head to look seriously at Elder Xiao. With a resolute light in her eyes, she continued, "Even though I can only help you extend your life by three years with my current level as an Earth Stage Peak Rank alchemist, once I break through again I will be able to refine a Ten Year Pill. Following that will be the Hundred Year Pill. Thus, I will definitely be able to let you wait until the day when you can personally see the remorseful faces of the Central Region Xiao family!"

    Mu Ru Yue actually admired Elder Xiao.

    This old fellow had dedicated his entire life for the Sheng Domain's Xiao family. More importantly, he didn't hesitate to lay his life down to protect the Xiao family. Even if it weren't for her parents, she would still have helped extend Elder Xiao's life.

    "Personally see their remorseful faces?"

    Elder Xiao closed his eyes slowly...

    At that moment, what appeared in his mind was those people currying favour to the talented old ancestor, but then expressed scorn and mockery when he fell. It was really a case where 'when a tiger lost its power, even dogs would bully it'. Those people previously couldn't help wanting to lick his feet when the old ancestor showed exceptional talent, but resorted to hitting him when he was down...

    If he could see their regretful appearance, he would be able to narrate it to the old ancestor when he entered the underworld.

    There was no question that Mu Ru Yue's words struck his heart, causing Elder Xiao's prepared-to-die heart blaze once more with new hope...

    "Eldest young mistress, this old man can't deny that you are much more outstanding than the old ancestor."

    'Perhaps the Central Region will have major changes once she goes there... '

    "This old man wants to see those regretful faces, so this old man will accept your suggestion." Elder Xiao's heart cooled as he continued calmly, "Now, let's commence the acceptance of the inheritance the old ancestor left behind. You are to walk up to that pillar and place a drop of blood on it..."

    Mu Ru Yue raised her head and looked toward the pillar near her. She slowly walked over and followed Elder Xiao's instruction, placing a drop of blood on it. A blood-red ray of light momentarily shown from that pillar.


    An intense power suddenly struck Mu Ru Yue's mind. Images started to appear before her...

    "Welcome, my descendant."

    An elderly voice entered Mu Ru Yue's mind from unknown location. It felt as though it came from some distant place, but it similarly seemed to have come from beside her ear...

    Mu Ru Yue didn't say anything as that faintly discernible voice rang in her mind again.

    "I don't know how much time has passed since I died, nor do I know who you are. This is just a will that I left behind before I died. Elder Xiao should have already told you about the Xiao family's history. I hope you can avenge me, but please remember to do everything with a mind for the safety of the Xiao family. I do not wish for you to endanger the Xiao family while you seek vengeance..."


    "If there --, I will make a --." Mu Ru Yue nodded her agreement.

    The path of cultivation didn't possess a limit. The-- was, the -- would be. Hence, if those people had --, they would still be able to--.

    It was a pity that --. He -- than just a couple of days.

    Fill in the blanks with the choices below (There's extra choices)

    wouldn't be able to live more, is a chance, satan, live a couple hundred years more, trip to the Xiao family, stronger the person, more bad ass they, fly, made breakthroughs to the next realm, can sleep more, Elder Xiao's life was reaching its end, longer their life span, is a hell, pigs cannot fly, drugs.
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