Chapter 308 – I Am Lei Feng Part 1

    Chapter 308- I Am Lei Feng Part 1

    Within the inheritance room, the young girl with closed eyes suddenly opened them. She drew an arc with her sword.


    A tyrannical power struck at the stone lion opposite of her. The stone lion was smashed into smithereens.

    "I have finally learned the old ancestor's Three Critical Strikes of the Raging Inferno Flames. I should head to the Central Region to find Wu Chen and elder brother..."

    Mu Ru Yue put away her sword and smiled as she glanced at the sky outside the room's window...


    Central Region Academy.

    A man had both his hands held behind his back within a tranquil forest. His silver robe was like the colour of a crescent moon as it fluttered in the wind. The Devil's Snare pattern on his handsome face gave off a charming aura, and his purple eyes focused on the deep blue sky, a trace of a domineering aura emitting from deep with them.

    He just stood there silently, yet looked so noble.

    "It has been a month but Mu Er's location still hasn't been found."

    The man's gaze became gentle as the image of her exceptional appearance appeared in his mind. That gentle expression of his made his charming appearance even more captivating, causing the girls in his surrounding to become dazed...

    "Apprentice brother Wu Chen."

    A green-clad woman walked bravely to the man's side, her head lowered with shyness. She played with the corner of her clothes and with nervousness she asked, "Erm... apprentice brother Wu Chen, can I ask for your tutelage for some problems regarding cultivation?"

    Who could reject an invitation from such a pure and charming looking beauty? At that moment, everyone thought Ye Wu Chen would accept her request.

    Yet, the man just glanced at her before parting his lips to toss out a word, "Scram!"

    The green clad woman was stunned as she raised her head in astonishment. With tears in her eyes, she looked at the charming and handsome man as though she couldn't believe what he had just said.

    The man didn't toss her another glance as he walked back. When he turned around, he subconsciously looked at a nearby mountain. His purple eyes turned slightly serious.

    A strange power was intensifying. He wouldn't feel at ease if he didn't figure out that power. However, the most important thing to do now was to find Mu Er's location.

    Nothing else could be more important...

    "I will leave here temporarily. I doubt I will have the will to do anything else if I can't find Mu Er."

    He still believed from the start that his woman would definitely stay alive for him...


    At this moment, inside the Sheng Domain's Xiao family, Mu Ru Yue saw Senior Dan chatting with Xiao Tian Yu and Madam Sheng Yue. It was obvious that Senior Dan had rushed over when he heard that the Xiao family was almost annihilated.

    "Father, mother, I've come to bid you my farewells."

    Madam Sheng Yue was startled. "Yue Er, are you leaving again?"

    "Wu Chen and elder brother are in the Central Region. I should go and find them." Mu Ru Yue raised her gaze toward Madam Sheng Yue and smiled slightly as she continued, "Don't be so concerned. I will return alive."

    'I will return alive...'

    This was her promise to them.

    Senior Dan chuckled. "Little girl, just go without any worries. I will stay with the Xiao family after you leave. That previous commotion won't occur again! That's right, when you reach the Central Region you should head to the Central Region Academy. The old man in charge of it is my old friend. If you meet him, please send him my regards."

    "Central Region Academy? What is that place?" Mu Ru Yue queried curiously.
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