The Enigma

e darker as the last flames of hope were extinguished from her life. She wished and prayed with all her heart for these cruel men to die, these devil cultivators who had captured her and taken her son away from her.As if the gods had heard her prayers, a man appears at the entrance of the gates just days later. Clad in a thick white fur cloak, he exterminates the fairly sized group of devil cultivators. He freed the women that were locked up and pocketed whatever gold and silver he found. As the other women left in a hurry towards home, Lixue remained. With nowhere to go and no reason to live anymore, she begged for death as she kneeled before the man. His shadowed face remained serious as he raised his sword to give her what she had wished for only to be interrupted by the wailing of a small hungry infant from within his cloak. The man sighs deeply as he closes his eyes for a second. He stands in deep thought before making a proposal to Lixue. Take care of the child in his arms and he shall bring new meaning to her life.

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